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The previous week I wrote about my expectations for my future or if you like me.
I told I don't have any and honestly speaking I can't say I suffer because I have 'no reason' to live, no dreams. I take life for what it is.

Indeed, I don't have my dream job or do what I'm good at but I work. I struggled for years and finally found an employer who does pay. So far so good.

To what counts is to be satisfied with what I have. I consider myself lucky. I can eat and drink at my job for free. Next to a job, I have a home and am slowly climbing up that ladder. Altogether I'm doing better at least financially which is helpful for the entire family. If you get older and others need to pay for your basic needs and everything you like it doesn't feel great besides I used my savings to stay alive.

By now I have the job I replied for but for which I was denied three months ago. I accepted the other job they offered and the first thing my mum said was I should go for it and she hoped for more, more like the other job. She's a bit worried I go out late by bike and rather likes me to take the bus but since it's ten minutes only -if I bicycle fast- I don't mind.

Will I do this job forever? I'm not sure. It depends on the government I guess. If laws are changed or the employer goes bankrupt I need to find another way to generate an income. Can be it will be an online job abroad again.


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I never had big dreams for my future either but I managed a lot. Interests, likes, jobs changes many times. Working to have a better life is hard. Great you are doing well. 👍🍀💖

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