There's a truth in every story.

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Those days I tell my children a (bedtime) story are over.
These days they tell me one and I am the first who goes to bed. Wrapped in a fleece blanket, with my feet on a hot water bag, I try to keep warm. I wear my beanie and listen to the story my kid tells me.


The Brexit and The Frugal Four".
The "four" are four ministers of different countries in the North of Europe. Those countries where people are used to working hard and sit in the cold. Those ministers had it with paying the highest fee for joining a money-making club named EU.
It is a story without an end. Of course, the other members are angry because they do not like to earn less, not even in times of need they are willing to have a closer look at their budget. They say it's their right to make others suffer for their bad policy and corruption, pay for them.

The good news is they have a garden angel named Merkel.
Merkel said she doesn't care if she has to pay more. _My kid said "Fine, let them pay, problem solved."
This fairy godmother born and raised in East Germany wants to share. She cares, but not enough to pay it out of her own wallet. Why should she? There are Germans enough and they can work till they drop dead for those who don't like to work because it causes too much stress. It's her revenge on the Western world, for being born in the wrong crib.

The next story is "The antisocial electric car driver".
How "great" it would be if we all drive an electric car. You can not drive far, need to charge your battery every hour but there's no need to travel abroad. We have the internet or?

This story can be found on the internet, Twitter.
Former minister Plasterk of the Netherlands says electric car drivers are antisocial.
The Dutch electricity network must be considerably strengthened in order to install 1.7 million public charging points in the coming ten years and to remove 1.5 million houses from the gas. Network manager Stedin expects the energy bill of the Dutch population to increase by tens of euros a year as a result."

In the past years, the bill increased yearly with hundreds of euros. The biggest part is taxes.

"If this message is correct, all households will pay tens of euros more energy because one Tesla driver slurps more energy than ten households. So those are huge anti-socials. For every Tesla, hundreds of elderly people with fleece blankets suffer for cold (for an Urgenda competition)."

One electric car wastes more energy as 10 households! and they want me to switch the light off.

I listen to my kid reading this story.
And although our power is frequently shut down it makes me laugh out loud.

The fact is too many people have to use the old network and altogether we consume way too much energy.
Shops, factories, companies... I see a sea of light during the night while none of you is at work! Me not using a lamp, living in the dark, will not make any difference.

More and more people are left in the cold, not only elderly people.
I can no longer afford the high costs of energy. I am one of them and my children too.
I sit underneath a fleece blanket and try to stay warm but it doesn't help. I feel cold for the entire day and night.

The positive news is the increasing temperature on earth.
At least that is what another tale says and why we have to pay more taxes to solve this problem. I do not want it to be solved. I feel cold and so do my children!
And if, why should I pay for governments cutting down every tree, while billions of people produce a high amount of CO2 and are too lazy to plant some trees in their garden?

Soon a fleece blanket is no longer needed and at least my grand- or great-grandchildren do not have to suffer from the cold. After that Mother Nature - or if you like God - gets rid of us as done in the past ages. Who knows the coronavirus is the first sign since after all history repeats itself.

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