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It was 9 a.m. as I told my children my day is over. At that time I did what I had to do, most of it.
Yesterday was a bad day for me. One filled with dizziness and the tiredness I feel is endless. I cannot fight it so the only thing left is to give in to it and lose consciousness again. It all didn't work as expected. A painful ear, the cold makes it hard to drift away plus I can not lay on my side. Each time I try my nose closes and I cannot breathe. So it's my back I have to lay on. A painful back and neck.

This morning I woke up early, like usually. Even with my eyes closed the light annoys me. The light isn't as bright but it hurts my eyes. I drank some of the water I bought, water with a high level of Sodium, Magnesium, Calcium, Lithium and Iodine (and some more). Today it's the 7th day I drink 1.5 litres of this water a day and on day 7 I drink 0.5 litres of beer. Both are experiments, both meant to power me up if it comes to a lack of minerals and vitamins B. Beer yeast turns out to have several vitamin Bs and it wouldn't surprise me I have a huge lack of them and since I need to drink 4 litres a day...
Do I experience a difference yet? So far I cannot tell except for my mouth always feeling dry and my belly hurts from all the drinking and I keep going to the toilet (not at night which is a miracle plus it's no longer the first thing I need to do when I wake up which is strange) perhaps my skin and eyelids do change a bit though but I guess it's too early to tell. I'll see what it looks like in three or six weeks and hope I can still afford to buy special water or perhaps I can drink some ordinary at that time in between?

It was at 6 a.m. I went out of bed. In bed, I felt fine once out I had a hard time staying. I kept falling so decided to get dressed while sitting instead of taking the risk of falling and hurting myself. I managed and found my way out accompanied by the bottle while stumbling through my child's room into the living. From that moment on I kept myself kind of busy. Cleaning the sink and toilet, making tea, doing the dishes and having breakfast with the children (cereals with drip milk). I hung a rug outside and a blanket and spent the rest of the day sneezing. It's annoying but I cannot help it and no longer take prednisone and antihistamine since these meds do not help me and I consider it a waste of money.

I watched the last episodes of 'Homeland' (Netflix series) season 5 in between and cannot help thinking a lot of what was shown gives me a "dirty taste in my mouth". What kind of world are we living in? What is wrong with us, all those countries and their "intelligence" departments? I can't help it but I do not like Saul so better not call him.

Out of the last spelt flour and oatmeal, I made pancakes and I added raisins and used the last bananas. I won't buy bananas again. They were not ripe at all and in a cold house like mine that will never happen. They felt hard as stone and cold as ice, not tasty at all.

Payday will be after the weekend since it's at the weekend. Hopefully, I manage with a lower income.

April 22, 2021,

This is my entry to the CCC giveaway What does TODAY Mean to YOU? 3.44 hosted by @freedomshift

I invite @marblely, @heartbeat1515, @eosxiomara, @anasuleidy to join this giveaway too.

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...looks like "you're" going through a lot...Thanks for the invitation

It goes down on the long line and up in between so I wait for the up to get the best out of it so at least I feel satisfied about what I did.

I hope you join too. Twice joining can give you that huge bonus at the end of the year. Have a look at @freedomshift

Enjoy your weekend and the writing. 💖🍀

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Thank you for reminding me of this one. Once again you need to go through a lot of pain. I hope it will be better soon, at least you feel a bit comfortable.

Today is a bit better at least so far. The children and I will do house chorus together (started renovating the walls) for a few hours and after that we'll enjoy the weekend.

I wish you a good weekend dear 💖🍀

I am happily writing. Everything is moving at my speed personally except for the office work.

I wish the same for you.

Thank you for your entry - #27 to:

I have upvoted this post and the submission comment @ 100%.

Thank you for stopping by, commenting and upvoting. It's appreciated.

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Thank you for joining this contest. Good luck.


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