My Entry to the giveaway - "What does TODAY (April 16, 2021) Mean to You?

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What today means to me?

I no longer write daily #forthechildren. This doesn't mean I gave up on diaries on the contrary. I am sharing a kid's diary although it isn't always published on Steemit.
If it comes to diaries I started as soon as my children were born. I struggled with so much and those handwritten diaries my children have no unless they threw them away. For my youngest, I wrote on my computer instead of by hand but a crashed computer and changed systems made my words as unreachable as the letters I wrote for my eldest and added to my second will. Letters they most likely will never receive since my third last will was made by a different notary, one who said it was not a common one. Not common... I wonder why anyone would make a last will at all if the law already provides in "common". It's just a waste of hundreds of euros.

Time passes by fast once looking back. I have three years of #Steemit behind me, I hosted more contests for this community than I can count, I fought more health battles than anyone will ever know just to be able to stay around long enough to raise my children and give them a few my values. I nearly managed to raise grown-ups, only one more child to go till it's eighteen.

Today, April 16, 2021, was my shopping day. I wasn't sure if I would make it because one day earlier my body "broke down". After all these years I still hate myself for all those diseases and health issues I have to live with and cannot fight. "It will get better, your time will come," was a lie I heard for years, a lie that never came true and... will never come true. I still feel that shock the specialist told me "It won't get any better it will change, get worse".

I fight the worse because I cannot stand it if it's getting worse. It took me longer but I went out to shop. After spending 17 hours in bed feeling dizzy, miserable, in pain, I had to do something.
So I drove to the shops and searched for water with a high level of Magnesium (Mg) which should fight stress, and feeling tired and a high level of Natrium (Na) which is good for muscles and heart. Next, I bought meat and beer for the needed vitamin B. Today is the day I started investing in myself again. Good food is what I lack for the biggest part of my life and this has to change. So... today is the day I will try to start filling those lacks of minerals and vitamins many with me suffer from without knowing.

Eggs are the most complete food. Within two weeks the price dropped with 11 cents/egg.

This is my entry to the CCC contest What does TODAY Mean to YOU? 3.43 hosted by @freedomshift.

I invite @leticiapereira, @anasuleidy, @sughey, @reinaldoverdu, @rem-steem, @yuceetoria and @vincent21 to join and support the community too. It is worth it.


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Great story you have here. Please how does the garranteed daily income and payout for newbies work?

The best thing you can do is visiting @freedomshift. His posts will explain. SBI (Steem Basic Income) stands for the quaranteed income. It can be bought by yourself or someone can give it to you.
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This topic seems interesting...
Good to know about your daily life :)

Would be great if you join. The hosts intends to give a big prize in December. Thanks for stopping by. Enjoy your weekend.

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