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Today was a rainy day.

Showers filled it and it's starting to be cold inside again. It's my first day at home alone and it a miracle I woke up in time. I set the alarm clock but am not sure if it woke me up. As I checked the time it turned out to be one hour earlier. Enough time for all of us to get dressed and drink our tea. I forced the children to pack their bags last night. Food and drinks (included) and counted their money. They need to buy bus tickets even more if there's no time left to buy a monthly bus subscription (the youngest needs two).
"I already count it a thousand times," it said but I told it to count it again.
Enough for the subscriptions but not for bus tickets which can be four at the max.
More payments for me with the children back to school.
"I can count the money", the youngest offered. With 'the money' she meant the billets in the envelope meant for busses and a bit extra needed in case of need. Each month I save a bit to be sure there is money to pay for the one hour ride up and down to the city.
That case of need... It can be a lost ticket, a phone call from the cellphone (I stored the cellphone's number in my phone) or for buying some food as well. A bit healthy food like yoghurt or... It all depends on what they can afford or how hungry they are. There was a time it was possible to have a 'hot meal' at school but it's served after school ended. At that time they can be back home. Once they are home they have their dinner and if they like they can eat some bread later.

The children leave without breakfast and to kill time or hunger they take a snack or two and a bottle of water with them (a spoon you will find in their bag too). It's fine to them and those days I forced children to eat are long behind me. They take vitamins C and D and kelp tablets (iodine).


What did I do so far?
I drove back home from the bus station and fed the wolves in the pouring rain. I did the dishes, finished painting the walls in my child's room and talked in between with my daughter about the restrictions coming up and her interview for a job at a hotel. I tried to stop the leakage of the drain under the sink in the bathroom with silicone sealant. Let's hope it helps. For now it can't be used so I placed a bucket underneath. The same bucket we use to flush the toilet with.
The garbage is collected, the first child arrives at the busstation in about 45 minutes and I collected the garbage. Since the laundry is still wet I will paint a bit green tomorrow. The pans with potatoes and peas are ready to cook but that has to wait till the youngest arrives back home which will not be before 6 p.m. and will cost me another drive (I need gasoline).

The day didn't end yet and we all need to go to bed early. At the end of the week we are used to it again and it will be as if we were never in a lockdown. School started today and with it the countdown to the Summer vacation. The weather has more in common with Autumn but at least Winter is over and thanks to the rain I had an easy day because I couldn't work outside and the internet was all mine.
Once the children are home they cleaned up their rooms and it's dinner time (potatoes, peas and a burger for them). Their mood was good and they didn't need whole evening to make their homework.

They came home soaked schoolbooks included. The youngest one hour earlier than expected.



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 8 months ago 

I like the rain but when I'm at home and I don't get wet. Too bad they get wet.
I hope you don't still have those leaks and you were able to fix it.

I still have some leaks but it has to wait. My son woke up because he heard it dripping. I heard so too but can't figure it out. I think the kitchen. Can be the water is on the ceiling.

 8 months ago 

There are few things that take my patience and a leak is one of them. I try to cover up as much as I can that tic tic of the falling drop is sad to see.

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