Entry: What does today (May 10, 2021) mean to you? 3.47 #ccc

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Today went by way too fast and at 1 p.m. I felt as if I had managed nothing. I had breakfast and gave a hand with homeschooling and helped the kid to place and pay for it's own order by itself (I will no longer pay for it). I struggled with blocktrades.us (site didn't work yesterday).

So I decided it's time to do something. Winter clothes we won't wear for the next weeks I packed in bags and brought to the guesthouse. A start with painting the walls in the bathroom is made, I cooked, did the dishes, brought water to wolves and some plants and finished cooking and ate as the power was suddenly switched off.


The chicken I bought was kind of smelly. I covered the smell with spices and sambal and after frying it in the wok and there was no power I put it in the peanut sauce (peanut soup if you like).

The weather outside isn't bad. A strong but warm wind blows and it makes me feel better. The house is still cold but at least my ears no longer hurt that much. I cleaned up my drawers and the beanies and killed more weeds outside (still poison left I spray it.)

It's 5 p.m. the grasshoppers make a terrible noise and the pigeons join them. The cuckoo finally shut up.


As the power was back my internet turned out to be dead. I kept trying because I wanted to by Kelp and Spirulina. I managed so now... it's time for tea and to write something for me.


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Good eveing @wakeupkitty you day was really a short day. i will be making my entry now and will start by telling what my day looked like and then finish with detail of my NGO.

It was indeed and still not came to writing. All sort of small things come in between. Looking forward to read it. Enjoy your evening. 🍀💖

the grasshoppers make a terrible noise and the pigeons join them. The cuckoo finally shut up.

Stupid insects! what a nightmare! fuck them.

It is very cold here, thank you for naming me that way I find out and right now I start to make the publication about this.

A vote for a read


I'll keep it in mind and try to mention you if I join something or find something. 🍀💖

I didn't know you were a mother, congratulations for this day, although Mother's Day is every day.
I'm sure I'm already preparing this entry.

I am a mother of 5 and fostermom of 11. We don't really celebrate. It's a good excuse to eat something we like.

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