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Thursday it is January 8, 2020.

I needed hours to answer all comments. I already started before I drove the bus-kid to the bus stop.

The bus-kid and I spoke about my dreams.
The ones of the past nights. I set the eldest wolf free because I waited for the right moment to leave. I did not intend to leave him behind. Where did he go?

I spoke to my friend about our goals for this year.
If you like to join follow #hasil2020 for more info and have a look at @davidke20 his account.
She said she will join me and we will encourage each other this year. We exchanged our targets and discussed how to realize them. It took the whole day in between doing other things. If you talk with someone you suddenly remember what more you need to save for. I will give up on one phone number. I have it for years and never call or text. All those prepaid numbers cost me a lot of money. After a few months they force me to buy calling credit otherwise I lose what I already have. Goodbye phone number, pity for the person who calls me after 8 years. 😄

I drove the children to bus stops, school and back home again.
I am nearly out of gas/petrol and need to find a solution for that. If all goes like planned from this Saturday on the bus-kid will start working at the library which means more driving.

My pen pal wrote.
In four months he will be free again. His intention is not to live with his brother but his little nephew instead. I wonder if that is a good idea.
If you write with prisoners for so many years as I do you learn that they are the worse pen pals there are, there's always a snake in the grass and their word is not a word or promise. You are good to kill their time if they feel to it and as soon as freedom is within their reach they forget about you.
We wrote for a year and not on a frequently base. Inmates are always too busy to lift a pen or slow on a computer or tablet.
Once out he likes me to get into a plane and visit him because he loves me. I have strong doubts about the "I love you" part plus life in prison is different from being outside.
That is what I wrote back. Once he has a job, pays his bills, builds a life he can contact me or let it be or... come to Frankfurt the city where he was born.

I keep thinking that if he grew up in Germany never ended up in prison. Is that a weird thought?

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@wakeupkitty I'm slow in freewrite. I have a hard time organizing my thoughts in 5 minutes. Hehehe 😂 But thank you for the invitation. 😊

What you can do is read the theme first, think about it while doing something else and write later. Happy weekend. 💕

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Drug addicts, inmates, just be extremely careful with them. We already need to struggle to meet our ends, we do not want to carry an extra weight with us for the rest of our life. How much does true love worth? $599? Tell me it's priceless, and I will put a price tag for whatever you wanna do with your lover. Even going out for a dinner would cost a bomb nowadays.

@davidke20 I believe true love does not exist. Humans are selfish and look for someone who will care for them, make their life easier. I am not that person.

I have no lover and an inmate, those I write with are not my lovers either.
They can talk about what they like. I do not ask the question.
The only things we talked about were training dogs, where he would live once out, the training and jobs he had in prison.
We never spoke about having a relationship, did not exchange photos, addresses or phone numbers.

You write via an email program that is connected to the prison and write anonymously. Of course, you can exchange whatever you like but why should I?

They are in prison, overseas and there is a good reason I write to them and not in my own country.

My only concern is me and my children and next me.
Live is not worth paying someone's else bills, debts and living someone's misery.

No need to put a price tag I have no lover and will never have one. I am like my granny. 😁❤️

Well, I was answering to that because of your article saying that person is expressing himself. But I guess you're doing alright. True love do have, with your kids I believe. If that is not love, well call it the responsibilities that you enjoyed most 😂

@davidke20 I doubt children feel true love. They depend on you and once old and useless they dump you.
I am a mother for over 35 years, had foster children... believe me true love is a rare thing. If people would not sit on a pink cloud wearing their pink sunglasses and dream of castles and white horses and the perfect princess rubbing feet and back, cook, clean, show respect, let be etc and were willing to invest in.a relationship love has time to grow. It is like here. No one cares and love is over as soon as a better horse shows up.

Happy day my dear. Love and pamper yourself first after that there is room for someone who does the same. ❤️

Thanks for the wishes and comprehensive reply. To me it's simple, love is a action of care, and willingly, and makes me and the person who receive it feel good, and all that matter. True love doesn't have to be forever, it could be just that moment. Have you watch the big hit movie Titanic? God I'm so into it that time, feeling like the pink glasses dude as you told me. But in reality we know that's a story. What if Jack didn't die? What if Rose did turned into a big fat wolf?

Love happen at the moment when both party feeling loved. Whether it's being returned favor, it's another story of moral. Well, it's my point of view. I'm considering to go hunt for a pink shirt and a pink pants now 😂

@davidke20 I never liked the Titanic really. I also felt annoyed about "A love story". It wasn't a love story at all.

Have you watched "Marriage story"? It shows a good picture of how love, true love turns out. The good feeling is too short if you are never heard, cannot express yourself.

I guess if it comes to " love" we all have our own idea/translation about it and that is the disappointing part. It is the same with friendship. What one sees as a good friend someone else only sees as an acquaintance.


Thank you for the mention. I've tried 5 minutes freewrite before. Thinkingbof starting again for my afternoon post. Maybe I'll try tomorrow.

@heartbeat1515 Hive it a try and recommend a freewrite. See @freewritehouse. You can win prizes with that too. Good luck and a great day. 💕