Summertime, a bit outside - terras time

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Today, June 29, 2021 I try to stay inside as much as possible.
It's hot outside and I have no idea how to keep my plants alive. I assume they will die soon. I noticed rain does a plant better than the water can. A few days ago I heard thunder, saw some lightning but the rain was hardly what one can call rain.

This is bad summer for me. My allergies come and go. Infected skin and sweat aren't a great match neither are all the insecticides I need to spray. One foot outside and I am attacked by mosquitoes. This time my children are safe. I attract all of them. It's hard to be outside, hard to do anything. Most of the work I do within 1-2 hours outside once back home which is at 6 a.m. Indeed 6 a.m.
I have to get out of bed at 5 a.m. again because of my child's job. Interesting is he is more active once back home after work.

Still, most workaround here is on my account. I feel miserable about it and I and my body scream for a day off, extra sleep, a clean house for a change. But there is laundry, there are dishes, litter boxes, wolves, cats, plants and of course the drains in the kitchen do not flush the water away again! I spent and spent but no matter what within short everything is back to normal. The kind of normal I can no longer handle, the kind of normal I try to solve. Altogether it's disappointing. Instead of removing the drain again I closed the cupboards underneath the sink and let it be. Today is not the day. Today I did enough, too much and this day isn't even over yet.

PhotoGrid_1624966432857.jpgThe only way to be outside is elsewhere. A place free of mosquitoes and hopefully ticks.

20210629_134116.jpgI hardly eat salad these days. Today is the day. It's not cheap though. I shate it.

I need time for me and not in the way the elderly always said: Once in your grave you can rest.
I feel miserable by the idea I can not go outside much. I do not get enougvitamintamine D. I have no ladder to varnish the wood of the roof. By now the guesthouse is a The door. Doowindow framesframes aren't finished and the boiler and heater have rust.
Once my son is home we'll eat and will start painting together. It's not that much work once you start...but the start is hard especially with other things to do plus the ticks scare me.
One bite is 4 weeks ago, the other 2 weeks and both still not healed.

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I hope the ticks leave you be and go far away. I don't mind insects but I don't like it when they bite us. Do you have something to apply for the tick bites?
I miss vitamin D too. We have plenty of sun here but we still have to stay home for some weeks to come. No swimming, no jogging, no walking in the park, all closed until the number of cases come down.

 7 months ago 

What a bad problem you have with the plumbing in your house! And outside your plants die but why does that happen to them? it is sad to plant and not be able to keep the plants let alone harvest.
Watch out for ticks.!

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