Flushing and drains - What does today (June 17, 2021) mean to you? 3.52

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Today is a memorable day for me although I don't feel too well.

Yesterday I bought new parts (again) for the kitchen's sink. Early this morning I left to the shop to buy an extra part. Today is the day the water no longer remains in the sinks.
The drain never worked well and to be honest, I have no idea what causes it. What I have bought is bigger (the pipes) and the "water lock" is at a different spot, lower not underneath each sink. Before water did not go through it. Years I struggled with the drains and carried buckets and basins with (dish) water. Today I hope this misery came to an end.

We can flush the toilet without buckets and the kitchen's sink can be used again. I hope these two problems are solved forever and especially if it comes to the kitchen. We have had moments it worked and next it stopped without a reason. It's kind of frustrating. Good drains make our life easier. I can no longer lift as many buckets, basins and water cans which I need to do to water plants and provide the wolves.

There is more work to do. I like to change some taps. The guesthouse doesn't have one single tap where a basin or bucket fits underneath (or a head to wash hair only). The taps are closer to where water is needed than the tap inside our home. The tap in the bathroom needs to be replaced too. It's all rusty. Bad quality, bad job done by the specialists once paid. Hopefully, the biggest part of all those issues and annoyments is done before winter starts again.

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 7 months ago 

I really wish you could finally solve that big problem you have with the pipes. It's so nice to have water in the sink pipes and not have to carry jugs back and forth.

I hope so too and assume I will know in the next weeks.

 7 months ago 

Yay to the flushed sink and toilet! I always love the sound and sight of clogged water going through the drainage after they are fixed. I usually use a plunger. Sometimes it works, sometimes not and just few months ago, we discovered old rubber rings deteriorated and got stuck in the sink hole. We managed to remove them and water flowed happily. Hope your solution works long term and that you will be able to use them without worries and extra work with the buckets dear <3

I cleaned and opened the drains frequently there was never any dirt in it. Today we emptied two basins in it and it clogged it's way fast. 😂
I don't care about the sound as long as the sink is emptied.
The drains are mine, once made by someone same with the waterpipes (own well). Clearly a bad job. I don't mind to empty a bucket water outside but not ever bucket, not always badins filled with dirty dishwater.

oye saludo ,espero que puedas solucionar eso la verdad que si es fuerte te entiendo perfectamente en casa también tenemos que solucionar eso...y gracias la invitación ya me uno.

¿Luchas con los mismos problemas? Espero que tú también puedas resolverlo Todo el levantamiento extra no es bueno para la espalda, te lo puedo asegurar. Genial, ya te uniste. 👍

Thank you for your entry #61!

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