Entry: What does today (March 28, 2021) mean to you? 3.41

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I feel nervous at least that's how I call it. Nervous in a good way, at least I hope it's good, will turn out good. Good for me, good for the community CCC.

Today is one of the last days I use, can use Steempeak.com. This site made it possible to join Steemit after two other apps gave up on it. Now it's the end of Steempeak and with that, I hope not my end on this platform.
For people like me, people with hardly any access to the internet and a slow connection, it's hard to connect, hard to comment and hard to be part of a family.
Since long #ccc was my family and it still feels that way although most members left. Those I met, feel close to I still chat with.
If it comes to all those members who disappeared... It's no problem, shouldn't be such a big deal since #Steemit is a great platform. There are so many Steemians and it's hard to believe each one of them does not like to belong to a family, this family, a supportive one.

I know most members, Steemians are mobile users, I know many struggles with internet and/or power issues still... We can support each other and leave behind a friendly word, reward what is written. Why? Because if we do so we will be rewarded too. The more we reward each other the stronger we grow and the higher the vote will be we receive.
Indeed, it does take time but it's worth it and no matter how small your vote is, that cent counts! Believe me, it does.

Today is Sunday. A good day to take it easy and to take care of me. I need to because I easily neglect and forget about myself which shows. My health is getting worse, my eyes remain infected and I need to take better care and be careful.

Today I read the latest giveaway posted by @freedomshift. I am glad about his ideas, I am happy he is still hosting and it feels as if a bright future is ahead not only for the community but each one of us.

Today is a good day to make a new start, to meet and great people and make them feel welcome. I still feel, after three years, how unwelcome, miserable and lost I felt. I no longer write tips about Steemit with this account too much have changed but the basic is still there and it's a good place to be

I hope you have some time to welcome our new members @ and @ and to join, read and support us.

Happy Sunday to all.

March 26, 2021, my child turned 18. We made a cheesecake and celebrated in between homeschooling online.

This is my entry to the CCC giveaway What does today mean to you? 3.41 hosted by @freedomshift.

I invite @cloudblade, @rem-steem, @botefarm, fredkese and all you readers to join this contest too. Welcome to CCC, welcome to the family.


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Thank you for joining this contest.
Good luck and a great weekend to you.
Greetings @team-ccc


Well I hope your eye problem gets better and that you can feel good soon We all have different needs and I believe that as long as we have mutual support, we comment and we interact, we will be able to overcome everything.
It is a pity that steempeak is not going to continue working, it will be more difficult to vote because it always used the percentage to give what it wanted. And using steemit.com I don't have that possibility yet ... (not yet 500 sp), but I am convinced that better things will come and @ steemcurator01 @steemitblog must have a good surprise for us.Let's go ahead with lots of optimism and supporting each other.

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