What today (May 5, 2021) means to me - 3.47

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What today (May 5, 2021) means to me - 3.47


Today means a lot to me, because I had a unique experience.

My mother died many years ago, and when she was on her deathbed, she made a promise to me that she would visit me and always accompany me.

We had a play on words, because we have both always been lovers of birds, especially Asutralian parakeets and parrots.

And that's why I have the nickname "Loreta" for my mother, which is like a diminutive for Loro.

And we had a secret sign with our hands, making a movement with the wrist. She really liked that, and we laughed together when we did. And to be honest, I really miss that personal game of my loving mother.

The one in the photo is my mother, her name is Yolanda.

Then yesterday on Mother's Day, I woke up in the morning to a chirping noise on the balcony of my apartment, and to my surprise it was this beautiful visitor:

A red-headed lovebird parakeet chirping and trying to tell me something.




Immediately I put water and food on him, I slowly approached him and he let him do it.

So he was gaining more and more confidence until he ended up riding on my shoulder.

The funny thing is that he stayed with me even though he had the windows open, and he could leave whenever he wanted.

I spend the whole night in my house, the next day I wake up chirping because sleeping on top of a lamp in the living room.

I put food on him and he decided to fly away.

This meant a lot to me because I understood that it was my mother who came to visit me, it cannot be by chance such a coincidence that Mother's Day comes, he is a wild erico and he lets himself be caressed and he is with me all that time.

Later I found out that he went to another neighbor's house in the building, and I told him to take care of him.

alAnd now he is living in my neighbor's house, which makes me very happy.

I did not want to keep it because I want to respect his decision to go to something else, I am very detailed with those things.

And then on Mother's Day, I take on a very special meaning for me because I feel that my late mother visited me and left me the message that continues to accompany me in each of the things I do.

Mommy I love you and you will always be in my heart!

Your son who adores you, Reinaldo!

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This is so special and I can imagine this love bird made your Mother's Day unexpectedly a special instead of sad day. It's good to read how some mothers do care and even hop by, to keepthe promise and to encourage you.


Una hermosa experiencia sin duda alguna. A veces la vida nos trae de vuelta, la esencia de los que amamos y tuvieron que irse desde otra presencia. Hermoso el periquito y hermoso lo que expresas. Gracias por la invitaciòn! Un abrazo!!

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