Entry: What today (April 20, 2021) means to me

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Entry: What today (April 20, 2021) means to me

What does today mean to me?

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Today is an amazing day, because first of all it is very cold, and when that happens, I am very lazy to work, to get out of bed and also to go shopping for food.

But it motivates me because if I don't do it I will run out of the things necessary for my subsistence. I went out to buy white cheese, milk, cereals, spaghetti and tomato sauce, along with a little alcohol for the hands for the pandemic issue, a little yellow cheese (here it is a luxury to buy it because it is very expensive, so I I'm indulging in a little luxury), cigarettes, and a deodorant.

The prices are very high and I spent about $ 35 on everything (the same as my new laptop cost me), impressive right?

The point is that I feel like a spider weaving its webs because little by little I have had to strive, spinning all my ways with my skills, to be able to catch the prey. Which in my case is to obtain a better quality of life through BCH and these digital platforms.

So I am 100% using all my knowledge of the blockchain and what I have learned to trade. For the first time I used Binance successfully (I was very afraid to do it so as not to lose money) and first managed to deposit $ 40 in BCH which then encouraged me to trade them in the market for $ 50 in USDT, and just by watching the video about the explanation Basic information given by Binance on how to use the SPOT, the LIMIT and the buy / sell options, I managed to assimilate the whole process in about 2 minutes.

And I must tell you that it was very interesting, and I was telling a friend that the truth is that I think I'm going to get addicted to trading there, because with a little knowledge and calculated risks, you can get very good profits. I say this because I managed to convert $ 40 of BCH to $ 50 in USDT in a matter of 10 minutes, just by looking at the movements of the market and knowing when to sell to get more profit.

A genius and the truth is I feel very satisfied and happy about it.

And I tell you to be like the spider: learn to build your networks of contacts, skills, knowledge, in order to catch your goals; be patient waiting for the right moment and then catch and eat your prey!

So this is what this today has meant to me: learn to use knowledge, weave my strategies and catch my goal!See you in the next post.

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Thank you for your invitation and for sharing such interesting information

you need good internet to buy and sell at the right moment which I don't have. I am glad you made profit it makes life easier.
I once had a look at Binance and watched two youtube videos for dummies but it's still abracadabra for me but...I love that spider. ☹

Kind of weird meat is as expensive as fruit or vegetables these days. It's good to have some luxury at times you deserve it.

Shoppings are expensive here too especially vegetables, fruits, meat, alcohol, cigarettes and things like deodorants and toilet articles.

Kind of weird meat is as expensive as fruit or vegetables these days. It's good to have some luxury at times you deserve it.

I had an impressive amount of time when I didn't have a luxury. And about 12 years when I couldn't buy yellow cheese. That here is a luxury, buy 1 kg of yellow cheese, and that is about 7 months of pension for an older adult, that's how expensive that cheese is in this country. But I do not regret it because after spending about 20 years in misery it is starting to go very well, and I am emerging, or so it seems.

Among my plans when I am definitely okay in a couple of years, or sooner, is helping people, and I hope I can do it.

I am commenting here so that @wakeupkitty might see it as well -
I have been "trading" on a few exchanges and have an account on Binance as well.

My advice:

  • To make money trading is extremely difficult. And, there is something to say about beginner's "luck" which might reward the wrong behavior.
  • Do spend a lot of time watching YouTube video's where people do TA (technical analysis) - guess what? - You are trading against them and trying to take money from them.
  • Start small, which you did, and follow the age-old concept - buy low and sell high. Some accomplish this with DCA (dollar cost agveraging) and not try to guess the ups and downs.
  • Stick with the sure things and buy them when there is a sale - BTC and ETH.
  • With fads - beware of the pump-and-dump for such coins/tokens as DOGE, XRP - learn to use stop losses to not turn a winning trade/buy into a losing trade.
  • I am holding the earnings in SBD, STEEM, and TRX for as long as they are still in a bull trend ad hope that it will last until Christmas.
  • Do you know that you can send them to and from Binance? And then you can cash it out to USDT.
  • Learn about the discounts that you'll get if you own some BNB and pay the fees in BNB.
  • Learn about staking to earn what you are not trading - it's very much like what we earn in SP here.

Thanks for thinking of me. I appreciate it. I already figured out trading is difficult especially because I cannot act fast.
I saw some youtube videos (download if I can) so if you have more suggestions please!

Steem dropped from over 1 euro to 50 cents, today 60 so I hope for a bit more.
I write down it's value (if I buy) and only sell if I made some profit after fees are paid. It works well with my connection... Babysteps but it's fine.

I doubt I will make a lot of money with trading (like being rich, a monthly income) but I am happy with every cent.

Thanks for the tips about doge, xrp etc

Why cashing out in USDT?

What does BNB stand for?


By the way I took this photo of the cigarettes that I am smoking. They have an acid flavor that I like very much, they are very tasty, and in a few minutes I will go to buy more, I usually buy 3 boxes (20 cigarettes each) and they last about 4 days.


Smoking is bad for your health dear!

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How wonderful that you will soon become a full-fledged cryptocurrency trader.

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