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Hello to everyone in the Steemit community. My name is Alejandro, and today I wanted to make my participation in this contest sponsored by the partner @freedomshift. In this contest the theme is based on talking about what a particular day means to us. In this case I want to talk about what today,April 8th, 2021 means to me. I will be leaving you the link to the contest here so you can go see the instructions.

Today, for me, means a day of distractions and hard work. Today I got up around 8 a.m, to wait for my academy classmates to continue the third training session to be an English teacher at one of my country's most recognized academies: CEVAZ.

It will be 12 or 13 days in total induction to the academy, but we have had a pleasant time together and we have been able to share different opinions about it and made different types of dynamics.

Screenshot taken by me, showing my Zoom meeting.

Today I have also participated in several contests of the steemit platform, and I wanted to give myself the opportunity to participate in this contest as well, so that I could demonstrate or describe a little about what it meant to me today April 8th, 2021. A year after the great change we all had in our lives in the wake of the global pandemic announced since March last year, at least here in Venezuela.

Photograph of the view from my window, taken by me.

It was also a day of drinking a lot of coffee, as I am not really used to waking up early and it affects my sleep quite a bit, because it makes me very sleepy in the afternoon. I also drank some blackberry juice. Today it was pretty cloudy and rained a little bit. That is enough to say, because usually here in my city it almost never rains. It is a city with an incredible drought and a super powerful sun, but we have managed to cope as we are quite accustomed to it.


On the other hand, this day represents for me an approach to meeting my medium-term goals, since I will finally start working on something that I think I will like very much. I had been waiting to start training and induction for several months. So this represents for me one more little step towards achieving the things I want and finally taking a step forward to accomplish one of my goals.



Thank you very much for reading me this time. Feel free to leave your comments ⌨, so that we can have a better interaction. Greetings to the entire English-speaking community and neighboring communities as well.

Let's continue making Steemit a valuable platform, where we can all share our best experiences together, and may this become part of our best memories. I cordially invite my partners @babybothe, @isabelfrancis28 and @eudyfono to the contest.

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Great post mate @psicoparedes.
Thanks for the invitation.
In the wake of the pandemic, a lot has changed people's daily routines, thus seeing a lot of pros and cons.
Keep on with your goals, you can achieve them.

Hello @babybothe, thank you for the upvotes and the support. Greetings for you and I wish you all the best :)

To be honest we are happy with homeschooling. No waking up at 4 a.m. any longer which is hard during Autumn and Winter. My youngest had a google meeting class with the teacher and classmates. Turns out most do not like to go back to school exception a few who do have to help siblings with homeschooling as well and always sit in the noise. Kind of sad that school is the escaping place to have some peace of mind.
With us Winter is partly back. Freezing at night and strong icy winds. The sun we see outside is misleading.

All the best for you.

I can agree with you. Homeschooling hasn't been that bad after all. I don't like waking up early. We haven't got winter or autumn here, just summer. All we want is our old life back. Greetings for you and thank you

The old life won't come back. We are worldwide manipulated. Not even 2% of the population gets ill enough to go to hospital and of those 2% only few end up on IC.
We have to live with this like every other illness and should better invest in losing weight fast, good food (healthy food only reduces illnesses with over 30%).

I, as a skinny person, can say that weight will never be a problem for me hehehee

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Thank you!

Thank you very much for your support @freedomshift :)

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It's great you join this contest too but reading, commenting and upvoting others is what our Creed stands for.
If you do not reach out to others, do not answer and upvote them we can not upvote you.

@team-ccc hello, sorry for my delay. I have already upvoted and visited other participants. You can easily distinguish me

Nice content @psicoparedes. Seeing how the world stood at a standstill last year was scary, being alive this day indicates that we have fought a good fight and we are winning. Working towards achieving our goals are the basic of human living, though it is not easy. I am sure you can't wait for the induction ceremony. Kudos in advance.

I agree, we must keep fighting and not give up. We still have a whole life to live. Greetings for you and thank you for visiting me :)

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