What does TODAY (April 26, 2021) Mean to me?" #ccc 3.45

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Sometimes, all we need to do is to set our mind and do it. No excuses, no nothing. Just do it. I told myself the night before, that I would fix my shoes and repot my cactuses and succulents. They have been waiting for me, for a long while. A few months probably, maybe close to half a year.

I woke up in the morning and saw how strikingly beautiful the sky was at 640AM. Fiery! Reminded me of Ed Sheeran’s song which started with “I see fire…”. It felt right, it felt like it was going to be a good day.


I started the laundry and mopped the floor. I felt pumped up for some reason and it felt good. I had energy and I just kept going. After hanging the laundry, I looked at my holey pair of sports shoes, I pushed myself to take my needle and black thread, sat down on the floor and started stitching. After an hour or maybe less, I was done! And I wondered why it took me so long to do this. But the most important thing was that I did it.


When I went to the kitchen, I saw my cactus and succulents, looking frail. I had earlier bought 2 new ones to try again, and a special soil for cactus and succulents. As I was still pumped up, I took the packet of soil, 2 wide containers, took my plants and sat on the little stool. I filled a wider and bigger pot with the cactus and succulent soil. Then, I slowly transferred each plant out from the tiny pots into a bigger pot using chopsticks.


Towards the evening, I did my stretches and cooked dinner. At the end of the day, I looked at my shoes and my new pot of cactus and succulents. It has been a good day indeed :)


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A day filled with house chorus... My cactus died by now after it grew like madly last year. Perhaps too much water or the lack of light, the cold did it. I still didn't throw it away.

Strange how house chorus can make us say it was a good day.


 9 months ago 

Haha you are right. For me, the chores will keep whispering in my head and once I complete them, the whispers disappear.
Yah, my cactus too but mine just died, without the growing like madly part :D

Thank you for your entry - #31 - to:


This post and the submission comment has been upvoted @ 100%.

Thank you!

 9 months ago 

Thank you!

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