CCC CONTEST What does TODAY (22 July 2021) Mean to ME?"... #ccc 4.06

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I woke up with a strained neck today, not a good way to start the day. I think I was in between sleeping and wanting to wake up, and the brain decided to check the time. That was when the head and neck moved in different directions. It seemed like they were not communicating.

A strained neck is totally not fun. A wrong move causes a sharp pain and every movement had to be restrained from moving a little too far from the limit. The limit is determined by the sudden sharp pain that the neck feels during the movement.


And so I spent my whole day not moving much, with minimal activity. Just brunch and dinner preparations. But I did watch some drama in my phone and tried to do some writing. It got a little bit tiring with this neck. It was a day of rest for me I guess. I was thinking to do the laundry today but I guess not with this neck. It was quite tiring too trying to keep the neck still.

During the day, I became more tired and had to take a nap. The neck felt slightly better after the nap. Now, I am taking the time to type a little. It is almost time for bed and I shall rest early tonight. Sometimes, things like this set as a reminder to take it slowly and rest.


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 6 months ago 

Apparently we were both a little under the weather. I hope his neck gets better.

 6 months ago 

It is better now. Hope you are feeling better too :)

Las enfermedades están muy comunes en estos días. Saludos

 6 months ago 

Lo son, debido a nuestras condiciones de vida. ¡Saludos!

They are, due to our living conditions. Greetings!

Thank you for your entry #75.

 6 months ago 

Thank yoU!

I know how it feels. I have it for many years. It causes my nausea and it's hard to sleep and get some rest.

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