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RE: Ticks! That's what today (June 20, 2021) means to me.

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I don't like garrapats either. They can remain hidden for several years until some animal or host appears to lodge in it.
Here I see most ticks on dogs and I don't even see them on cats. Take care, I think those ticks appreciate your blood for the same healthy conditions of your diet.
The ants take all the flower buds off my chili and paprika plants. You have some nice tomatoes, I hope the parasites go away.


All my plants are close to dying. No matter how frequently I water them. I took the mint and 2 "lemon grass-plants" inside. They do not survive outside. The ants are everywhere. They eat my plants too. I am going to sprinkle more flour mixed with bakingpowder and hope it will work. I replanted the paprika and pepper elsewhere. Read this way you leave the ants' nest but it doesn't really help. I should have kept them inside same with the tomato plants. They have fruits but the plants are tiny I think they will break. Looks as if the bugs disappeared now I wrapped the lavender around it but this can be coincedence.

Happy Sunday

 11 months ago 

Sprinkling a little wood ash around the plant also helps to keep ants away.

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