Contest #CCC 2.37 What do you do with ...? and announcement of the winner - #2.36.

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Greetings to everyone.


Welcome friends of nature, everyone is invited to participate in this contest. Bring your posts. It's easy.


In week 2.36 the participations have been excellent. I am very grateful for their posts, especially because I read the passion they put in them to make their entries and share their images with everyone.

There were 12 participants:

#1.- @wakeupkitty.

#2.- @mariela53.

#3.- @heartbeat1515.

#4.- @kgwork.

#5.- @wendyth16.

#6.- @theresa16.

#7.- @marblely.

#8.- @gingbabida.

#9.- @olivia08.




The winner of this contest is #1. @wakeupkitty and you earn 1 Steem.

Each participant earns 0.208 Steem.

Prizes will be paid to your wallet within 24 hours.

Thank you all for participating and I await you all in the next contest.

What is it about?

It is a weekly contest, starts on Friday and ends on Thursday afternoon.

6pm time Caracas Venezuela.

To start again on Friday.

I will give the subject, and you have 6 days to develop your publication, on the seventh day, I won't be accepting more entries and the winners will be published along with the new theme of the week.

This contest is about topics related to nature. For example, by asking about "What do you do with a butterfly?", You can develop a theme about How do you like them. You prefer to see them flying, or you like to paint or photograph them, and etc ... your creativity is the limit.


• Write more than 200 words on the subject: "What do you do with ...?"
• Use the name of the contest in your title or content.
• Leave the link to your post as a comment below this post.
• Use the tag #CCC
• You can use the invitation of #CCC, at the end of your publication, so @ team-ccc can add a vote to it(see below).
• Only entry per account is allowed.


• Please, visit, comment and vote for other publications from the members of #CCC.
• If you put 3 photos or more, #CCC allows less than 200 words in the text.
• It is not mandatory to write your publication in English, you can do it in your preferred language.


1._ Paid for me.
2._ A winner of all tickets: 1 Steem
3._ Each participant receives 0,150 steem for participating.

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. Thursday contest: My favorite Thursday. By @marblely

• Saturday contest: "Looking back / Looking forward." By @wakeupkitty

• Sunday contest: Take a picture and comment. By @olivia08.

• Sunday contest every 15 days: Lyric poetry. By @felixgarciap.

This week's theme of:


The butterfly.


Butterflies exert a great feeling of joy upon me. They are everywhere in my garden. But only in the time that corresponds to them. By this time my plants are without butterflies. There are usually multi-colored butterflies, in the flowers, in the leaves. Standing everywhere.

This butterfly is the Monarch. It owes its name to being considered the queen of butterflies worldwide. It's included as one of the largest butterflies. Its scientific name is Danaus Plexippus.

This is my niece, she painted her nails the color of the monarch.

In my garden they arrive very frequently when my plants are more flowered, that is in the rainy season. Then I can see its beautiful flight, flapping its wings, to refresh the miranda with its striking orange color and its black-colored stripes. Paused flight, as if rewarding the environment.

They leave their eggs in my plants, and then in about a week, I start seeing the result. The caterpillars are large, with striking colors, circles of green, white and black colors surround it and as you can see they are chubby. They eat so much that the leaves are completely hollow, eaten away in a short time.


Even if they leave my plants broken, I like to be visited. The feeling of peace and tranquility that they transmit to me is sufficient payment for the destruction they leave in the plants. Soon they disappear and I have enough time to pamper the most damaged ones.

Now, what do you do with the butterflies, tell your story. Which one do you like the most, or do you not like it? I look forward to reading your anecdotes. Thank you for joining me on these adventures of nature.

Thank you for your visit, for your comment, resteem and vote.

The photos and dividers are of my property.


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 5 months ago 

Gracias por tu entrada @wendyth16, eres la primera en concursar y con estas bellas imágenes de tus mariposas. Te deseo éxito.
Tienes el #1.

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Happy comments.
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 5 months ago 

Thanks @commentcoin.

🏆 Hi @gertu! You have received 0.05 STEEM reward for this post from the following subscribers: @davidke20
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 5 months ago 

thanks, @davidke20.

ohh noo butterfly :S jajaja

 5 months ago 

hola! no te gustan las mariposas? jajaja

No mucho. Jajaja pero ya te contare en mi entrada JO :D

 5 months ago 

ok, la espero ver.

Me neither... the wuestion is: What do you do with them? I guess not cooking them or ... 💕

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Congrats @wakeupkitty
Very nice post @gertu. I love butterflies, but it's so difficult to catch them in a photograph.
I´ll try.
Have a nice weekend

 5 months ago 

Todo es posible aquí. Consigues una bonita imagen en pixabay y colocas un buen texto. Con eso tienes para participar. No se escoge la mejor foto. Solo diviértete participando. Y recuerda que para ccc son 200 palabras o menos si tienes 3 fotos. Éxito amiga @mllg.

 5 months ago 

Congratulations to @wakeupkitty and all of us. All got a prize!

 5 months ago 

It is a small prize but the steem is difficult. We must continue waiting to see how we are in this transition. Thank you for your support bella @olivia08.

 5 months ago 

Welcome amiga @gertu. I would like to ask you what time now there in Venezuela?

 5 months ago 

It's now 2.30 pm, and what time is it now? @olivia08.

It is hard for us to figure out what time you use. You have a link to a site to figure it out?

No butterflies here... you are too early it's winter. 💕

Posted using Partiko Android

 5 months ago 

Voy a tratar de colocar un arreglo a la hora. Y lo comunico.
Mis mariposas son viejas. No hay mariposas ni bichos en mi jardín porque no hay lluvia. Coloqué las mariposas de las lluvias pasadas. Puedes pintar, colorear, versar, cualquier cosa es adecuada.

bueno, esperamos tu tiempo y si puedo, busco en internet. 💕

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 5 months ago 

si, ya lo tengo. lo editaré y colocaré en la publicación. Gracias amiga.

Instead of changing SBD we can give a part of SBD too. It saves us the costs for changing. What did you use to change SBD into Steem? 💕

Posted using Partiko Android

 5 months ago 

Mi hijo uso la pagina de orinoco, ( Una pagina en español que también usamos para convertir los steem a nuestra moneda nacional. No se si esta página es para otras monedas. Pero un SBD son 4 Steem. Con los cambios actuales, recibo menos de un SBD semanal, así que la lucha continúa.

My son used the orinoco page, ( A page in Spanish that we also use to convert steem to our national currency. I don't know if this page is for other currencies. But a SBD is 4 Steem. With the current changes, I receive less than one weekly SBD, so the fight continues.

Yo uso @bitvavo para transferir la estima a. Como memo, doy mi número. Tengo una cuenta en Bitvavo. El dinero está ahí y lo cambio a Euro y va a mi cuenta bancaria. Hoy vendí el SBD por su estancia con la ayuda de ese sitio que ofrecen. Fue bien Mi internet trabajó para un cambio. Hay tantos sitios para comprar y vender. Lo encuentro duro. Si lo hago con más frecuencia, tal vez lo recuerdo. Hazte un día feliz. 💕

I use @bitvavo to transfer steem to. As memo I give my number. I have an account at Bitvavo. The money is there and I change it to euro and it goes to my bank account. Today I sold the SBD for Steem with help of that site they offer. It went well. My internet worked for a change. There are so many sites for buying and selling. I find it hard. If I do it more frequently I perhaps remember it. Make yourself a happy day. 💕

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 5 months ago 

Congrats on the win @wakeupkitty! Yah, why not give SBD instead of STEEM? It won't look like much but SBD is worth more than STEEM.
If 1 SBD = 4 STEEM, it will be 0.0625 SBD for 0.250 STEEM?

You just wrote 1 SBD is 5 steem.
Thank you I keep that in mind once out of Steem. 👍

 5 months ago 

I see STEEM is back in the payout. Do you see that? But SBD is still there too.

Thank you very much and congrats to all. I have no idea how or what to do if we are out of steem. Selling Steem Basic Dollar or giving a part of it as a prize?

 5 months ago 

Yo me quedé sin Steem. Cambié un SBD para obtener steem para dar los premios. Aun no tengo ningún patrocinador así que debo seguir cambiando SBD, y bajé los premios. @wakeupkitty.

Patrocinaré tu próximo concurso. Todos lo hacemos sin patrocinadores y encontramos la manera. 💕

Posted using Partiko Android

 5 months ago 

Es más fácil cuando alguien nos encuentra y nos patrocina. Pero igual lo estoy haciendo porque me agrada mi concurso. Gasto todo lo que gano en la semana. jajaja pero da satisfacción. Seguiré adelante. Dice una canción por allí: "caminante no hay camino, se hace camino al andar".

Las personas solo nos encontrarán si escuchan nuestro nombre. Cambiar el premio no es problema.
Tu concurso es bueno y a la gente le gusta unirse.
Si no hay otro, podemos omitir una semana también y hacer felixgarciap. 👍

People will only find us if they hear our name. Change the prize is no problem.
Your contest is good and people like to join.
If there's no other we we can skip a week too and do like felixgarciap. 👍

Posted using Partiko Android

 5 months ago 

Ya tengo steem suficiente. Gracias por los que me donaste. Tengo los que gané esta semana.
No me preocupo. El concurso sigue igual. Me agrada semanal. Y ya las personas conocen que es hasta el jueves en la tarde. Es horario Gmt -4. Horario venezolano.

necesitas Steem para ti y para tu hijo. Úsalo. No hay necesidad de regalarlo todo. Te deseo un feliz día. 💕

 5 months ago 

Tu tampoco estás en condiciones de patrocinar. Primero debes salir de tu condición actual y luego me ayudas como siempre. Pero ahora estas atravesando una mala situación. Cuídate amiga @wakeupkitty.

Ya te envié el steem. Me las arreglaré y encontraremos una manera de seguir hospedando. 💕

I already sent you the steem. I will manage and we find a way to keep hosting. 💕

Posted using Partiko Android

 5 months ago 

Muchas gracias @wakeupkitty, por la delegación.

Ne nada 👍💕

 5 months ago 

Actually the exchange rate from SBD to STEEM is quite ok... 1 SBD = 5 STEEM. It is ok to convert SBD to STEEM too.

Since when it's 5 Steem? I noticed today, Feb. 26, steem is not even worth 17 euro cents...
What do you use to change SBI into Steem?

 5 months ago 

Ah 1 SBD = 5 STEEM, sort of.
I use Steemitwallet, believe it or not :D

  1. At the Steemitwallet's STEEM DOLLARS amount, choose "Market":
  2. Then at the BUY and SELL page, you will see what the current price is:
  3. You can take a look at Buy and Sell orders and Trade History to see what the prices that has been bought and sold:
  4. Then, you enter your own price at how would you want to buy STEEM for, e.g.if I take the default BUY price, I should get 5.382 STEEM with 1 SBD:
    the moment there is an order from someone to sell STEEM at the price you are asking for, then your order will be processed. Else, it will keep waiting until I am not sure when but I think it should cancel order after a few days if there are no takers.

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 5 months ago 

Thank you @artturtle

Congratulations @wakeupkitty and thank you @gertu for rewarding all the participants too.

 5 months ago 

Thank you for participating.

Your welcome. I'm hoping to find a butterfly for your next one soon.

 5 months ago 

Te deseo suerte y te espero pronto. @heartbeat1515

Thank you.

 5 months ago 

Congrats @wakeupkitty and everyone who joined! Thank you for the bonus @gertu! Love your niece’s nail painting 😍💅🏻 the butterfly is beautifully tame!

Posted using Partiko iOS

 5 months ago 

Si mi sobrina tiene muchas cualidades artísticas. Mi sobrino el hijo de esta sobrina, cuida a las mariposas en sus distintos estadios larvarios hasta que nacen. y estas mariposas son muy dóciles.

If my niece has many artistic qualities. My nephew, the son of this niece, takes care of the butterflies in their different larval stages until they are born. And these butterflies are very docile.

Thank you very much. A good start to pay the next winner for my contest with. 😁💕

Posted using Partiko Android

Thank you so much. Lucky me. 🥳😁💕

Posted using Partiko Android

 5 months ago 

Que suerte, ganaste y me lo diste de nuevo. Con doble interes jajaja @wakeupkitty.

I sent 3 Steem. Good luck with the next contest. Hugs and a happy weekend. 💕

Posted using Partiko Android

 5 months ago 

Gracias amiga, pero no debes hacerlo. Por favor tienes que cubrir tu propio concurso. Esta semana está cubierta, por eso bajé los premios de participación, hasta que las cosas mejoren. Para la próxima semana, ya debo obtener un SBD y lo cambio.

Ya lo tienes y puedes usarlo. 👍

Posted using Partiko Android

 5 months ago 

Gracias amiga. Ya los vi. También gane otro poco. Tengo para compartir, gracias a Dios.
Gracias amiga @wakeupkitty , el concurso continua.

You are welcome and I am happy to hear you will continue. It's good to give people something to think about and write. Hugs 💕

 5 months ago 

Tengo el apoyo de mi hijo, que también es steemians. Feliz domingo amiga @wakeupkitty.

@gertu Tu hijo también está en Steemit. Yo también puedo ayudarlo si le gusta.

 5 months ago 

Thank you for hosting this contest. We gave you an upvote.

Congratulations to @wakeupkitty and good luck to all participants with the new contest.

 5 months ago 

Thank you very much for the support @team-ccc

Your upvote bank
__2.jpgThis post have been upvoted by the @UpvoteBank service. Want to know more and receive "free" upvotes click here

Wow! I love butterflies. They always visit my Mom's garden after the rain.

 5 months ago 

Hello @diosarich you are very welcome to bring your mommy's butterflies to the contest. Greetings.

 5 months ago 

Thanks for your input. You got beautiful butterflies. Much success.
You have # 4.

Thanks @gertu. Yes, they are really beautiful!

Hereby my entry.
This post might not be what you expected from it but there's not much one can do with butterflies except for letting them fly free for the short time they are alive.
We do not have them around here much and by now it's winter.
I wish you and your son a great day my friend.

 5 months ago 

Gracias amiga @wakeupkitty. Me gustó tu publicación. Es muy original. Éxito.
Eres el #2.

Muchas gracias. Es bueno saber que no te asustó. Abrazos. 💕

Thank you very much. Good to hear it didn't scare you. Hugs. 💕

Posted using Partiko Android

 5 months ago 

Como crees es muy buena. Me encantan tus sombras. dile a los niños que sus mariposas son hermosas, gracias por presentarlas en mi concurso. @wakeupkitty.

 5 months ago 

Gracias @mariela53 que tengas éxito.
Eres la #3.

 5 months ago 

Gracias por tu participación.
Tienes el #5.

 5 months ago 
 5 months ago 

Thank you for participating. Much success.
You are the # 6.

 5 months ago 

Gracias Por tu participación que tengas mucho éxito.
Eres el #7.

 5 months ago 

Hola ya te extrañaba jajaja, Que bueno pudiste participar. Éxitos.
Tienes el #8.

 5 months ago 

Bienvenida amiga @olivia08. Éxito.
Tu eres el #9. Gracias por participar.

Welcome friend @ olivia08. Success. Thanks for participating.
You are the # 9.

 5 months ago 

Thank you my dear amiga @gertu.

I love butterflies. But your niece's nails dumbstruck me!!! It's beautiful. Oh! I would love to apply my nails with a nail polish like that. Hahaha! 😁😂

This is an awesome theme for the week. I am so glad I encountered a butterfly in our garden earlier today, and thus can make an entry. Hahaha!

Here's mine:


Thank you. 😍

 5 months ago 

Es hermosa tu mariposa. Que bonita imagen captaste!!
Si es hermosa la pintura que usó mi sobrina. Ella tiene muchas cualidades artísticas y es especialista en arreglo de uñas. Lástima que no vivas cerca, para llevarte con ella. jajaja.
Éxito en el concurso. Llevas el # 10.

Your butterfly is beautiful. What a beautiful image you captured!
If the painting my niece used is beautiful. She has many artistic qualities and is a specialist in nail repair. Too bad you don't live nearby, to take you with her. Hahaha.
Success in the contest. You wear # 10.

Thank you @gertu.

Oh, so your niece is really a nail artist! That's why she has done her nails so beautifully! Only professionals can do that! 😍

 5 months ago 

Ella es artista en muchas cosas. Aprende sola sin estudios profesionales. Solo lo hace. Pinturas, cuadros, peluches, muñecos de tela, muñecos de madera, muñecos de cera, de cerámicas y etc.

She is an artist in many things. Learn alone without professional studies. Just does it. Paintings, gel paintings, acrylics, stuffed animals, cloth dolls, wooden dolls, wax dolls, ceramics and etc.

Wow! She really is an artist by heart! 😍😍😍 Good for her. Maybe she can join Steemit too so she can blog about her masterpieces!!! 😊

 5 months ago 

Si, le pedí que se una. Hoy debo ir hasta su casa de visita y le hago la pregunta de nuevo. Cuando se integre a, Steemit te aviso para que la conozcas.

Yes, I asked him to join. Today I must go to his visiting house and I ask him the question again. When she joins, Steemit will let you know so you can meet her.

Sure, sure! 😍 Looking forward for it. 😊

Almost forgot to put in the link again.

Here is my entry.

 5 months ago 

Thank for your entry. Success.
you are #11.

Thank you 😁
You'll be needing a little bit more time to go through us all this time because I'm no 11. There might be more coming. Good luck.

 5 months ago 

What makes you think you're not # 11? @heartbeat1515. Remember that there are also comments to last week's winners. and we also talk a lot with those who like to talk. I love the contest.

I meant I'm No.11
Number 11. Sorry for the typing errors.
What I really meant is that you are having more and more participants in your contest. My understanding on #11 is that you already have 11 participants and I believe that you will have more.

I'm wishing you good luck in reading all the entries all together with all the comments with it. Other than your daily routines, you are giving your precious time to us, the participants. Thank you.

I'm sorry if I used the wrong words to explained my thoughts to you.

 5 months ago 

Hola @heartbeat1515!! No te preocupes no hizo nada mal. Las traducciones siempre toman otro camino al deseado. Quise decir que había algo que tu notaste para creer que no eras el #11. No tiene otra connotación el mensaje. Ahora entiendo. Si eran 12 participantes, pero hay otra entrada fuera de tiempo y la agrego, pero ya el concurso siguiente esta organizado. y Ya va a salir.
Por cierto pasé mi entrada a tu concurso, solo no vi que la notaste.
Pasa un buen día.

Hi @ heartbeat1515 !! Don't worry, he did nothing wrong. Translations always take another path to the desired one. I meant there was something you noticed to believe you weren't # 11. The message has no other connotation. Now I understand. If there were 12 participants, but there is another entry out of time and I add it, but the next contest is already organized. And it's going to come out.
By the way I passed my entry to your contest, I just didn't see that you noticed it.
Have a good day.

Thank you for your kindness. I think I know which entry you meant. If we are talking about the smae steemian here 😅 I've seen that her post is undervalued for she comments on one of my engagement contests. I'm not sure why but I'm glad you still accepted her. My grateful thank you to you and I will share your contest in my next #hasil2020 updates. Would you care to join in @gingbabida engagement contests. The new one is already ongoing.

You just to need to take 10 screenshots of your comments with 10 different steemians and make a post about it. The comments must be 50 words and above. Here is more details.

Engagement 4 with @gertu.

 5 months ago 

todas mis publicaciones están en la misma forma. Mi entrada a su concurso de que ves? con el envase de cristal. Espero que si la pueda ver. Gracias por la invitación.
@gingbabida tiene mi apoyo con voto y reestem. Gracias por su amable disposición.

All my posts are in the same way. My entry to your contest what do you see? With the glass container. I hope I can see it. Thanks for the invitation. @gingbabida has my support with vote and reestem. Thank you for your kind disposition.

Thank you for spreading the contest @heartbeat1515. I'm very grateful for your acts of kindness. ❤

You're welcome. Good things are meant to be shared or spread and yours are better. Good engaging initiation that comes with a wonderful prize.

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