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Dear friends

Having reached half the year 2021, the month of June leads us to think that the year has reached its maturation, with the 15th day as the Zenit, in which we can make a better projection of what is going to be the end.

We have witnessed during this month, the Bitcoin decline and recovery, many trying to sell their positions without having the necessary patience so as not to lose their investments. Today we see that this crypto recovered an interesting value taking us to think that its future value will be much higher.

Today I write this review on June 15, with a radiant sun, awaiting rain that in the afternoon, as it is usual at these dates in the city where I live scattered rains.

In Venezuela this week has been decreed as a radical week for reasons of the Covid-19, only supermarkets, pharmacies, bakeries work.

Today, I am pleased to share the photograph of a natural sculpture, sand carved by rain, in which we see interesting ways, so each of us can imagine different things.

Waiting for your upvotes, comments and resteem.


[photography taken with my phone Samsung Galaxy A10]


Apreciados amigos

Después de haber alcanzado la mitad del año 2021, el mes de junio nos lleva a pensar que el año ha alcanzado su maduración, con el día 15 como el Zenit, en el que podemos hacer una mejor proyección de lo que va a ser el final.

Hemos presenciado durante este mes, la disminución y recuperación de Bitcoin, muchos tratan de vender sus posiciones sin tener la paciencia necesaria para no perder sus inversiones. Hoy vemos que este Crypto recuperó un valor interesante que nos lleva a pensar que su valor futuro será mucho mayor.

Hoy escribo esta revisión el 15 de junio, con un sol radiante, esperando la lluvia que por la tarde, ya que es habitual en estas fechas en la ciudad donde vivo las lluvias dispersas.

En Venezuela, esta semana ha sido decretada como una semana radical por razones de COVID-19, solo los supermercados, las farmacias, las panaderías trabajan.

Hoy, me complace compartir la fotografía de una escultura natural, la arena tallada por la lluvia, en la que vemos formas interesantes, para que cada uno de nosotros pueda imaginar cosas diferentes.

Esperando sus upvotes, comentarios y resteem.


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Thank you!

Yes - for those who are patient and hanged onto / HODL BTC - you will be rewarded soon!

BTC is now trying to break the U$D $41,000 price level and is holding onto the $40,000 price level.

Some day, we'll all look back and wish that we could have bought more at less than U$D $40,000 per BTC.

All the best!

I already wished that 😂

If you ask me those who sell do so because they are in need.
Those days only pharmacies and big supermarkets earned (online shops did well too) are over. I am happy with that but it won't make me buy more.
Kind of weird the national bank owner states the e ecomical crises is over. Many bankrupt, poverty increased but it's over just by reopening 1 week 🤔

I like the sandsculpture reminds me of ice age. 👍

An upvote for a read. I wish you all the best.

 7 months ago 

Greetings my friend. Yes, the storms are passing our coasts again and a nice drizzle is starting to cool the atmosphere.

Debemos esperar y tener paciencia para a lo mejor obtener mejores frutos. Así están funcionando las criptomonedas. Saludos

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