Lyric Poetry Contest 32th Edition - Prompt: Lemon

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Dear friends

Thank you for visiting my blog.

The 31th edition of the Lyric Poetry Contest has had 12 participants who have delighted us with their prose on a subject as significant as "strawberry". We have had the outstanding support of the #Team-CCC, the @emeeseese team, the #TalentClub team as well the support of @steembasicincome.

@cloudbladeStrawberry girl
@sacra97Fresa / Strawberry
@gassa28Excitante sensación
@evagavilanStrawberry antes de ti
@gracielaacevedoSonrojados cojines
@oacevedoLengua fresa
@marblelyAt the Strawberry Field
@mllgStrawberry i love you so much
@jakim7El acidito de tu boca

Next, I will introduce the participants and winners of the 31th edition and then the call for participation in the 32th edition.

[Image design by @felixgarciap with]

Results 31th edition

Today I am pleased to announce the winners 31th edition of the lyric poetry contest with the prompt Strawberry.

This is a participation of the winners:

* Winner @gassa28

3 SBI, 0.3 STEEM and 100 Talent Token / Her poetry: Excitante sensación .

* Runner UP @jakim7

2 SBI, 0.25 STEEM and 50 Talent Token / His poetry: El acidito de tu boca.

* Special recognition

A special recognition for @cloudblade, @wakeupkitty, @sacra97, @evagavilan, @gracielaacevedo, @kismar, @marcybetancourt, @oacevedo, @marblely and @mllg who with their prose have given strength to the contest, to them my thanks and the assignment of 0.1 STEEM and 25 Talent Club Token.


Prizes will be delivered in the next 48 hours.

32th Edition - Prompt: Lemon

Human relationships can go through difficult times which can be relieved with fruits that reward our soul.

Thus one of the best known fruits for its antioxidant power is lemon, which is also a source of vitamins and minerals to restore health.

In these moments in which the world suffers from a possible pandemic by Coronavirus one of the nutritional supplements that we must include in our diet are the lemons.

Just as we must take care of our diet and nutrition so we must be attentive to how we conduct our relationships of love and friendship.

The theme that I have selected for this week is to include in this new challenge of lyrical poetry an emblematic fruit such as lemon.

I hope to count on this call with your participation, thanking your friendship and commitment.

Here I place the contest rules.

Competition rules

Only one poetry is allowed, you must write a post using your own images or that are public domain related to your poetry

  • Reply below with your poetry. Deadine: 11:59 pm UTC, March 01, 2020.

That's it! But...

Also, post your entry on your own blog! Mention @felixgarciap and I'll give you an upvote and resteem your post.

And, collect a bonus point for each person you tag in your contest entry. More players, more prizes, more fun!

Languages: English /Spanish


Winner gets: 2 SBI

One free resteem from me for any post. (You choose the post. There's no time limit but I reserve the right to refuse resteem any post I consider offensive or indecent -- I'll simply ask you for a different, non-offensive post.)

One Runner-up gets: 1 SBI

One free resteem from me for any post. (You choose the post. There's no time limit but I reserve the right to refuse to resteem any post I consider offensive or indecent -- I'll simply ask you for a different, non-offensive post.)

How I Will Select the Winner

Within 3 days after the deadline, I will read all entries and choose a winner, runner-up and special recognition. While I'll take upvotes into consideration, my selection will reflect my personal preference based on the entries you submit.


I am pleased to invite my friends @simonjay, @vdux, @antoniarhuiz, @marybellrg, @charjaim, @inspiracion, @doctorlibro, @rosanita, @janettyanez, @javert68justice, @aremontilla, @lanzjoseg, @javiermontilla, @delvapin, @aremontilla, @darkfemme, @josegilberto, @salvao, @zeleiracordero, @adncabrera, @hernan27 @lecumberre, @naylet, @mllg, @oacevedo, @isauris, @aurodivys, @maparari, @botefarm, @gaby-crb, @jadms2k18, @aplausos, @evagavilan, @johannfrare, @issymarie, @yohanys, @ntowl, @owasco, @avellana, @wakeupkitty, @marblely, @olivia08, @cloudblade, @jakim7, @hljott @gingbabida @fitinfunfood @fredkese @chris-the-batman @mgaft1 @hashzone91 @gertu @joeyarnoldvn @cloudblade @myjob @nathyortiz @daysiselena @theresa16 @olivia08 @aaliyahholt @celinavisaez @dulce160 @jurich60 @wendyth16 @lanzjoseg @josyweed @botefarm @putu300 @saulos @tya.saputry @wongbraling @metzli @daysiselena @sarimanok @kgwork @redheadpei @wakeupkitty @wakeupkitty.pal @putu300 @victoriaxl @angelro @oscarina @yasny @mers @marianis @robinsonr810 @sarimanok @diosarich @ahmanik47 @sacra97
@betzaelcorvo @malvyconejero @zhanavic69 @evagavilan @antoniarhuiz
@yujomar @mllg @lisfabian @renataborea and @sincroniadivina.


I have to emphasize that from now on we can use the #ccc tag to promote the literary creations that we present for the contest, an exception has been made by them since their rules establish that the length of the contributions must have an extension of +200 words or failing three original photographs. Also make a mention of them at the end of the article.

Steem Basic Income is a social experiment to bring a basic income to as many Steemians as possible. Members join by sponsoring others into the program. Steem Basic Income is delivered through providing regular upvotes to member content. Frequently Asked Questions.

Waiting for your upvotes , comments and resteem.


Note: If you want your publication to be visible and recommended by @team-ccc and @club12 take the freedom to include them.



Hereby my entry. I.wish you a great day. 💕

A yellow lie

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Congratulations to the winners and good luck to all of you with the new contest!
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Thank you for hosting this contest.

Please tell your participants tag #hive-166850 + invitation are needed to receive an upvote and make the entry valid for CCC.

Felicitaciones a los ganadores @gassa28 y @jakim7 .

Gracias por el bono, @felixgarciap

 2 years ago 

Saludos amigo @felixgarciap. Gracias por su invitación, algún día saldrá el poeta que hay en mi. Por lo pronto leeré participaciones jajajaja.
Felicitaciones a los ganadores poetas. hurra, hurra!!
Continúen con el buen trabajo.

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Congratulations to all winners.

Muchas gracias por la distinción, mis felicitaciones a @gassa28 , al resto de los concursantes mis respetos por la excelencia en sus obras, saludos y bendiciones...

Gracias por el apoyo que brindas a la comunidad con esta iniciativa, Bendiciones 🙏🙏, por aca dejo mi participacion para esta edición:

Felicidades a @gassa28 y @jakim7 merecidos ganadores. Gracias @felixgarciap espérame en la próxima convocatoria.

Hola a todos, feliz inicio de semana, os dejo mis versos aciditos, saludos, suerte y bendiciones... | así como también mi Tweet:

Por aquí vengo con unas coplas, más que todo, para disfrute.

 2 years ago (edited)

Felicitaciones a los ganadores muy lindos post @gassa28 y @jakim7 .

Gracias por esa contancia por mantener el proyecto y ese bono de participación, super agradecida mi querido profe @felixgarciap

Mi participación Acidito de mi vida, limón de mi corazón. @felixgarciap

 2 years ago 

La constancia es lo que nos conduce a la paz. Saludos amiga @sacra97.