Team #5: Curation Report Week 4 - November

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It is a pleasure to greet you along with the entire community curation team No. 5 for this month of November, on this occasion the results obtained during this fourth week by the steemcurator08 account as part of the community support that steemit provides to its users during this month.

This is why today we want to show all the contribution provided to all those users who are authors of 100% original content who were part of this digital medium through quality publications. On the other hand, we also wanted during this week to contribute to those steemians who are always ready to give a little more and interact through excellent comments made.

All this through a distribution that guaranteed support for users from different countries, communities and as well as under the use of different labels:


General scope: analysis and statistics (last week)

Altogether we have covered 169 posts in the last week with an average of 24 posts per day

Total Curated Posts: 169

Curation Done By Each Team Member

Curation by country: analysis and statistics


The number of authors is in double digits for 04 countries whose topics were enjoyed by our team thanks to their original and valuable content. Our team invites authors from other countries to work on the quality of their publications so that their countries can grow within Steemit.

Curators' Work Statistics frente a Curators' Work Statistics_General Statistics of Curators.png

The lighter color shows that the selection of publications from this country has been low, and the darker color shows that the selection is higher than the lighter ones.

Communities and club status: analysis and statistics


We were able to select posts from 34 different communities this week.

Club Status Report (2).png
Club Status of Curated Users (Statistics - Bar Graph)

The below graphs show the Club status of users that get votes. This week's posts with the status of club5050 take the lead of 84 votes, 50,0 % of the total. 60 posts belong to club100 and 24 posts to Club75.

Total Curation Report Statistics (2).png
Club Status of Selected Users (Statistics - Pie Chart)


We believe that good comments should also be highlighted in this report, so we decided weekly to add a small space to recognize the best comment of the week, maybe there can be a little motivation for him too :)

Comment - @bonaventure24


Recommended posts for this week

Author: @khairiani

Club status: #club100

Post link: The Diary Game ( 21 November 2023) semangat untuk hari ini - Inactive

This week @khairiani wrote a Game Diary starting from when she prepared all her household needs by doing tasks in the kitchen from cooking to washing dishes then she took care of her toddler child starting from carrying him and bathing him then feeding the little one to eat and drink tea. After finishing his housework, he went to school when he got there, parked his Honda and immediately went into his work room. After that, he had time to rest for a while and then carry out tasks starting from first tidying up his messy work desk and cleaning the office floor until everything was finished. A teacher who actively writes deserves an award so that he is motivated to continue writing on the Steemit platform

Nominated by: @waterjoe


Author: @hotspotitaly

Club status: #club75

Post link: SEC-S13W6: Hablemos de cosas que podrían mejorar el mundo - Inactive

The world is suffering from both man made and natural disasters which needed urgent action. In this contest post, the author attempted all questions with clarity, indicating the various means by which he can used to improved the world. His choice of words was captivating and his use of simple markdown styles makes his presentation good.

Nominated by: @chant


Author: @sbamsoneu

Club status: #club75

Post link: KEYWORD FOR THE WEEK: FRAUD!! - Inactive

The post shares author's personal journey through various online scams and ultimately finding our precious Platform. It's engaging and explained comprehensively about the impact of online fraud on an individual's life, both emotionally and financially. And eventually highlights the importance of learning from past experiences.

Nominated by: @damithudaya


Author: @tammanna

club status: #club75

Post link: My Town In Five Pics-Name of Town/City/place. - Active

For this week @tammanna shares a publication that invites us to tour the city of Naogaon, on a night walk where we can visit the places that make up this town, seeing the type of buildings, means of transportation, tourism and even how they operate. of a correspondence office today, and a good tour that we can enjoy to learn more about Bangladesh and its culture

Nominated by: @wilmer1988


Author: @pea07

Club status: #club75

Post link: Daily Menu Delicacies. 25/11/2023. Surprise Luch - Active

This week @pea07 shared an article about the delicious daily menu starting from Firni (a dessert made from sugar, milk and rice), puffed rice and tea. Usually he has a very light breakfast but this time for lunch he and his sister made biriyani rice. Rice biriyani is a food made from beef, rice, potati and many other types, he likes potatoes in biriyani. Biriyani rice is one of the popular foods in the country, if you eat this rice in a restaurant the price reaches 220 to 270 BDT or 10-13 Steem. For lunch he eats pudding which is his favorite food made by his older sister. The pudding was always delicious with the caramel used to make the pudding prepared perfectly by his sister. Yummy definitely delicious biriyani rice and dessert will be very suitable tasting pudding which tastes fresh and delicious

Nominated by: @waterjoe

Author: @adriancabrera

Club status: #club5050

Post link: SEC | S13-W6 - “Mi receta navideña.”. - Active

If you want to learn new recipes for Christmas table this season, visit this post as the author shared good recipes for Christmas. He shared all the various steps used to prepare his recipes. He beautify his content with quality images following the various steps of his recipe. His post presentation was good as he applied simple markdown styles to his content.

Nominated by: @chant


Author: @rmm31

Club status: #club100

Post link: Steemit Engagement Challenge (SEC)-w14s1- Neglects in families, the effects on kids - Active

The user has joined one of the engagement challenges and he discusses a significant and sensitive issue ; neglect in families and its impact on children. He shares its potential long-term effects on children's well-being using his own experience. The post is well organized with a good flow uing a clear language, so I think it deseves more appreciation!!

Nominated by: @damithudaya


We hope that you like our report.

Club Status of Team 05 Curation Members,

User NameCountryClub StatusDiscord ID
@damithudayaSri LankaClub75Damith Udayanga#9442


Gracias equipo de curación por esta nominación. Sobre todo en un tema sensible por tratarse del abandono de los niños. Éxito para todos los seleccionados.


Thank you very much @wilmer1988 to selecting my comment as the best for the week, indeed I am really motivated and greatfull to continue to give my best in this platform.

Thank you once again saludos 🤗🇳🇬

 3 months ago 

De nada amigo.

Saludos 🇻🇪👍

 3 months ago 

Thank you, friend!
I'm @steem.history, who is steem witness.
Thank you for witnessvoting for me.
please click it!
(Go to and type fbslo at the bottom of the page)

The weight is reduced because of the lack of Voting Power. If you vote for me as a witness, you can get my little vote.

I am so happy and inspired that my post has selected for weekly top post. My warmest thanks to @waterjoe sir. Thanks to @wilmer1988 sir for this detailed post.

 3 months ago 

Felicidades amiga.

Saludos 🇻🇪👍

Thank you guys so much for the mention… I’m so humble. I really do appreciate

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