Team #3 : Curation Report Final - January

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The entire team of curators who are part of the community curation team 03 today we say goodbye closing what left three extra days to complete our contribution during this month of January.

For this reason, we want to show the results obtained during the support provided to all those users who are authors of 100% original content that give life to this digital medium. During this week, we also wanted to contribute to those steemians who are always ready to give a little more and interact with through excellent feedback.

All this through a distribution that guarantees support for users from different countries, communities and as well as under the use of different labels:


General scope: analysis and statistics (last week)

Total Curated Posts: 72

Curation Done By Each Team Member

Curation by country: analysis and statistics


The number of authors is in double digits for only three countries whose topics were enjoyed by our team thanks to their original and valuable content. I hope that authors from other countries can work on the quality of their publications so that the statistics of their countries resemble those of these other three nations.


Curation by Country (Graphics)

The lighter color shows that the selection of publications from this country has been low, and the darker color shows that the selection is higher than the lighter ones.

Communities and club status: analysis and statistics

Curation by Communities (Statistics)

We were able to curate posts from 19 different communities this week.

Club Status of Curated Users (Statistics - Bar Graph)

Club Status of Selected Users (Statistics - Pie Chart)


We believe that good comments should also be highlighted in this report, so we decided weekly to add a small space to recognize the best comment of the week, maybe there can be a little motivation for him too :)



Recommended posts for this week

Author: @beautiful12

Club status: #Club75

Post link: Steem engagement challenge-s7/w3|Mi última experiencia de vacaciones en familia. - Timed out

The friend @beautiful12 takes us for a walk through a beautiful place, a botanical garden where nature mixes with the beautiful memories that are part of her experiences in this place..

Nominated by:@goodybest


Author: @luimer79

Club status: #Club75

Post link: Steemit Engagement Challenge Temporada 7 Semana 4 | ¿Cual es tu lugar favorito para visitar? - Active

Our friend @ luimer79 has given us in this publication a beautiful and colorful walk through the Venezuelan Andes, a publication that shares a beautiful walk through the Merida state, which is always one of the best tourist destinations in this country..

Nominated by:@wilmer1988


Author: @eglis

Club status: #Club5050

Post link: Steem Engagement Challenge S7-W4: El secreto de mi sazón - Active

She Participated in the Engagement Challenge very nicely. She had a great time with her family and ate some good food that looked delicious and healthy. Besides, she have written the post very nicely and provided some good pictures as well. All in all the post is a very nice post..

Nominated by:@msharif


We hope that you like our report.

Club Status of Team 03 Curation Members,

UsernameCountryclub status
@damithudayaSri Lanka#Club75


It was so nice working with the team Ian the month of February. I wish you all the best of luck

 4 months ago 

Muchas gracias por tus buenos deseos suerte para ti también.

Saludos 🇻🇪👍

Hola amigo @wilmer1988, muchas gracias por elegir mi participación. Pero disculpa soy club5050. Gracias 😊

 4 months ago 

Gracias querido amigo por este reporte final, trabajar contigo fue muy grato, eres super trabajador y dedicado, se te extrañará jejeje.
Gracias equipo por todo, espero verlos pronto :)

 4 months ago 

Gracias a ti por ser una gran compañera y compartir de esta experiencia que nos deja muchos aprendizajes le aseguro que extrañaré trabajar contigo como equipo, suerte para ti.

Saludos 🇻🇪👍

 4 months ago 

Thank you for a very good report and selection of posts.

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