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RE: Tags and Plagiarism - Guidelines by Lifestyle Curators - IAT

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Very nice and goal-oriented thinking - in contrast to another team that explicitly writes: wrong tag, bad luck! you are looking for interesting content and qualitative added value. For that, you take the extra effort to search for these posts. Thank you for that! Good luck for "your" month (or more ;-)) !

Sehr schön und zielorientiert gedacht - im Gegensatz zu einem anderen Team, das ausdrücklich schreibt: falscher Tag, Pech gehabt!, seid Ihr auf den interessanten Inhalt und den qualitativen Mehrwert aus. Dafür nehmt Ihr die zusätzliche Mühe auf Euch, nach diesen Posts zu suchen. Danke dafür! Viel Erfolg für "Euren" Monat (oder mehr ;-)) !


It would be a little extra work but we don't want to impose new rules. Most people, specially newbies don't read these guidelines. We don't want to miss any good content just because an author used the tag #recipe instead of #food.

Our aim is to support the quality content and for that we want to facilitate authors to have some freedom with tags.

There are no specific tags but people should know that relevant tags are what make the post accessible. So completely off the topic and complex tags shouldn't be used at all.

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