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Dear Steemians,

International A-Team has been selected as the Lifestyle Curator for the month of April. Members of the curation team are @alee75, @chriddi, @event-horizon, @o13h, @the-gorilla, @whyshy, @willeusz.

We have compiled some guidelines and information regarding how will we be curating the Lifestyle content. Please have a look...

It's a diverse theme with categories like food, travel, leisure, sports, health, garden. We will be looking forward to all relevant content.

We don't want to restrict the authors to specific tags as this might keep good content from us. Therefore, we will be checking all the relevant tags. If we come across a post without relevant tags but it comes under the theme, we will still consider curating it.

Having said that, we would still provide some tags to give a direction and for the convenience of all.


#lifestyle would be overarching tag.

We have some criteria that we would like to follow before curating a post.

  • Author should be club5050, club75 or club100 eligible.

  • Author should not be using any auto-vote service.

  • The post should be free of plagiarism.

  • Images must not be violating copyright laws and must be properly cited.

  • The post should be #steemexclusive.

  • The post should include at least 300 own words, the author should have checked his orthography.

We will check club status and use of bidbots by using the tool developed by @coding-gorilla

Our approach to plagiarism is outlined in our application post and remains our preferred approach.

Best Regards,

 2 years ago 

Very nice and goal-oriented thinking - in contrast to another team that explicitly writes: wrong tag, bad luck! you are looking for interesting content and qualitative added value. For that, you take the extra effort to search for these posts. Thank you for that! Good luck for "your" month (or more ;-)) !

Sehr schön und zielorientiert gedacht - im Gegensatz zu einem anderen Team, das ausdrücklich schreibt: falscher Tag, Pech gehabt!, seid Ihr auf den interessanten Inhalt und den qualitativen Mehrwert aus. Dafür nehmt Ihr die zusätzliche Mühe auf Euch, nach diesen Posts zu suchen. Danke dafür! Viel Erfolg für "Euren" Monat (oder mehr ;-)) !

It would be a little extra work but we don't want to impose new rules. Most people, specially newbies don't read these guidelines. We don't want to miss any good content just because an author used the tag #recipe instead of #food.

Our aim is to support the quality content and for that we want to facilitate authors to have some freedom with tags.

There are no specific tags but people should know that relevant tags are what make the post accessible. So completely off the topic and complex tags shouldn't be used at all.

 2 years ago 

Thank you very much for the tag information and other conditions that are important to get curated votes here :)

Felicidades para todos exitos

Thanks for the update, most especially the tags. I Will be dropping my posts.

thank you for sharing important information

Explanations will be very helpful to me. Thank you

It’s nice to see you will curate posts that relate to your topic but aren’t using the tag👍. Can I know how many times a user is entitled to support from sc08 account in a week.

Maximum two times.

Thank you for your response 🙏

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