New Commer's Team : Curation Guidelines For May 2024

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Greetings from Newcomer Team

I hope you all are doing well, we are glad that we are here to support all newcomers for April 2024.



Team newcomer is the special team dedicated to supporting newcomers on the steemit platform from 0 to 3 months after joining steemit. Team newcomer will provide curation to all the achievement tasks from achievement 1 to achievement 6 even including compilation tasks as well ( but votes for all the achievements are not guaranteed).

If you are a newcomer to steemit the platform, we recommend you join the Newcomer's Achievement program by the newcomer community so that you will get verified on steemit & start your work in any community. Here is the link for newcomers community & guide for achievement 1. Achievement 1 : Verification Through Introduction & newcomers community.

Our Aim

The Team newcomers will curate newcomers's posts across the platform, we will support the newcomers from 0 to 3 months. We also guide users in the newcomer's community for achievement tasks. We follow the Update by @steemitblog i.e

Team Newcomer is a specialist curation team dedicated to supporting newcomers through their first three months on the platform.
The team will be helping people through the Newcomers Achievement Tasks in the Newcomers Community and also curating their other posts anywhere during their first three months on the platform.

Curator In Team Newcomer

Team Newcomer consist of four members

S. NoCuratorcountry

Schedule For April2024

Our team will work on this schedule I'm sharing here scheduled for week 1

Week #1



Our team will support posts of newcomers on any topic, outside or inside of community & any country. Here are some guidelines which you have to follow to get our support.

  • The publication must be published on steemit & steemexclusive.

  • The post must be plagiarism-free, AI generated text are not acceptable too.

  • The images used must be yours or copyright-free & properly sourced.

  • The post must contain at least 300 words.

  • Bot-free ( not given delegation to any bot service ).

  • Must join any club if you are working for more than a month on steemit.

  • We are inviting newcomers to use the tag #newcomer & your #country in the 4 main hashtags of each post to get support from us. This will make it easy for us to find your posts.

Team newcomers will also appreciate meaningful & positive comments by each user on different posts according to the post topic, not any irrelevant comments.

The percentage of votes will vary according to the quality of your publications. We will leave a comment on each publication curated by us by following the comment pattern.

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Team Newcomer- Curation Guidelines For November 2023
Curated by - @username

We hope that these guidelines will helpful for all the newcomers & we will look forward to support & guide you.

Best regards,

30th April, 2024

 2 months ago 

Thanks for the detailed guidelines for newbies and all concerned with this team. I'm looking forward to supporting the newbies as much as I can. My best regards.

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