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First off all The Efficient Seven would like to thank steemit team for trusting and giving us this great opportunity again for month of July . Our team The Efficient Seven is excited and ready to work as Curation team for July theme Art (art, craft, photography, music, poetry)

The Efficient Seven is comprises of
@suboohi, @waterjoe , @simonnwigwe, @franyeligonzalez, @msharif, @monz122 and @rosz. These are users are experienced, devoted and hard worker. We all together will do work in best way

Curation Guidelines :


Tag That You Can Use

In Theme art you can use the following tags to get the vote from The Efficient Seven. If you use them properly, make #steemexclusive post of minimum 250 words and use proper markdown, your unique work will be curated by our team.


Use tags carefully according to your post to get chance of vote from curators.


Joining of any club is mendatory

We vote only those who joint any club (club5050 club75and club100). We decided to different voting %for club


Curation Time Table :

DayCuratorTagTime of upvoting
Monday@suboohi#diy , #art, #creativewriting0:00 UTC/24:00 UTC.
Tuesday@rosz#music, #art, #craft0:00 UTC/24:00 UTC.
Wednesday@waterjoe#poetry, #creativewriting, #art0:00 UTC/24:00 UTC.
Thursday@franyeligonzalez#photography, #art, #craft0:00 UTC/24:00 UTC.
Friday@simonnwigwe#creativewriting, #poetry, #art0:00 UTC/24:00 UTC.
Saturday@monz122#craft, #diy, #photography0:00 UTC/24:00 UTC.
Sunday@msharif#creativity, #creativewriting, #photography0:00 UTC/24:00 UTC.

For Curation we will follow the UTC time.


Important Instructions :

  • We only support original quality content having minimum 250word .
  • Plagiarism and cross posting will not get support.
  • Post must be #steemexclusive.
  • Use free images and give their complete citation.
  • User must be part of any club #club5050, #club75 and #club100.
  • User must not use any bid bots.


Team Info :

CuratorClub statusDiscord ID
@suboohi#club100suboohi #9678
@waterjoe#club100waterjoe #3535
@msharif#club100msharif #5177
@simonnwigwe#club75simonnwigwe #1226

Thank You


Thanks for the guide. It would be useful for us to set proper tagging, as per posts.

Sorry, I want to ask about the #poetry tagging, does the poem that will be considered for curation also have to have 250 words?

specifically for Poetry, Are there any other considerations?

If allowed, Maybe a minimum of 150 words, or shorter than 100 words.

As a work of art, sometimes poetry is a bit difficult to make, it has to reach a certain number of words. It could be a short poem, or a long poem. Depends on the artistic inspiration of the author.


 last month 

Post must have 250 words in general but for poetry it's not. You can lengthen your post upto 250 words before your poetry as introduction or something special about your poetry etc. Over all post contains 250 words.

Thank you for your answer. I feel like I've got enlightenment

With your answer, people who have a talent for writing poetry are expected to be able to adjust their poetry posts according to your direction, so they can use #poetry tangging and maybe if they are lucky and qualified they will get attention and curation from your team.

I'll try to write poetry when I find inspiration.

best regards,

 last month 

Welcome dear

Greetings leader, excellent publication, the most important points to be cured by SC04.

 last month 


Excellent work you have made my dear leader.

 last month 

thanks, ❤️

 last month 

Very accurate Curation Guidelines and I am ready to work in this great Team. Best regards always from me :)

 last month 


 last month 

We are doing our best. Thanks for this guidelines.

 last month 


Great Team. Happy working friends! maybe this month is a little busy and tiring for you all. We wish everything to be successful.

 last month 

Thanks dear

Very useful post for us.

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