Week 12 feedback CR for South Africa

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Week 12


Steemit Engagement Challenge Season 5 is keeping us all busy, from you the authors to us the moderators of the participating communities.
It is through these challenges that we see the true meaning of "success usually comes to those who are too busy to be looking for it".

This week we saw the launch of 3 Instagram accounts in 3 different languages, English, Indonesian and Spanish. If you have not subscribed to these accounts do it now!

Steem IND
Bahasa Indonesia

Bahasa Inggris

Steem Esp
Bahasa Spanyol
We wish the marketing team all the best for their effort to market Steemit via social media platforms.

For more information

My activities

Item: Description:
Club status:Club100
Power up:179.018 STEEM
Previous week Voting CSI Upvote:19.0 ( 0.00 % self, 213 upvotes, 124 accounts, last 7d)
This week's Voting CSI Upvote:16.5 ( 0.00 % self, 185 upvotes, 111 accounts, last 7d)
Posts:6 Posts in total
Contests:2 Posts
General:1 Post
Educational: 1 Post
Engagement challenge: 2 Posts
MOD Steem for Betterlife:Ongoing

My 3 vows

  1. Support of Steemians (new and old)
  2. Growth and development of Steem and Steemit
  3. Promote and support new projects and initiatives launched

1. Support of fellow Steemians

Currently, I have 30 Steemians on my schedule who I am helping. 14 Steemians have shown a 100% improvement in their posts.

WhatsApp3 Steemians
Telegram1 Steemian
Post repliesongoing
Phone calls2

2. South Africa

Taking it step by step!
Still only a handful of us.

3. World Smile Project

A BIG thank you to everybody who donated to the WSP Nigeria project. We hope to see the completion of the second phase of the electricity project very soon.

Big news! I received news this week that the next project will be for World Smile South Africa. Thank you team!
I am meeting with various parties at the school tomorrow and will make a post shortly.

Through your support, we managed to support 68 posts this last week.


For those who do donate, as WSP curators we reward as follows;

% Donated% Vote
10 %50%
25 %60%
50 %70%
100 %100%


A highlight of the week

The highlight this week is on a personal level, my 3rd dolphin!

As I told a Steemian friend earlier this week, the only way to do it is to put your head down and make those strokes never losing sight of the end goal.

You can do it!

Good luck with the 3rd week of the engagement challenge.

See you next week!


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