Curation Report Team 1 Second Week.

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Curation Report Team 1 Second Week.


We have completed the Second-week curation of Team 1 and this is the 2do report on our curation activities. We are a dedicated team that will work continuously to support and provide guidelines to the posts of newcomers only. We are Following the Curation Guidelines for April 2024 .

Our team focused mainly reviewed and upvoting the posts of those who have been on this platform for three months, So we are supporting them with steemcurator04 by checking their personal blogs and giving advice along with the posts that are being community and all other communities.

This was our curation schedule for this week:

The curation statistics for the last seven days( 08 to 14 April) are given below:



We have covered a total of 20 countries.



We have covered a total of 29 communities.



Club Status of those supported.



In these Seven days, we have voted for a total of 169 publications and 37 good comments.

Now we will move on to the top selections of these 7 days of curation:


The Top of the Posts selected for this week.

@irawandedyThe Diary Game [Friday, April 05, 2024] : Distributing Worldsmile Project Aid

Club : #100
Nominated by : @jyoti-thelight
Curation window: 9 days

The author of this post @irawandedy, has mentioned in this post that he is helping many people through his steemit income. He has written and posted all the details of the person helped and the way of helping in these places. For the help he is doing, he is working hard to find the place of helpers and is helping them. Appreciating her social service, I have selected her as the best actress in this post.


@dt720Tutorial para realizar un bello vestido a la moda.

Club : #club5050
Nominated by : @karianaporras
Curation window: 6 days

The user shows us how from a piece of fabric she can make a dress where she herself is the model with an exclusive style adapted to her body in a fresh fabric to go anywhere, explaining the step by step of its creation so that the Seams are invisible and with a professional finish.


@sophiablgWOX TRAVEL CONTEST - Our Trip to Hallstatt

Club : #club5050
Nominated by : @o1eh
Curation window: 5 days

This is a great example of a good travel post. The author invites us to visit Hallstatt — an ancient settlement in Upper Austria, the center of salt and ore mining in the 1st millennium BC. e. Many photos and the author's story about her experience visiting this beautiful place await you.


@yuswadinisamThe Diary Game (Senin, 08 April 2024) Kewajiban Membayar Zakat Fitrah

Club : #club5050
Nominated by : @sohanurrahman
Curation window: 4 days

This post illustrates the author's daily activities just two days before the Muslim's biggest festival Eid. This post also highlights the culture of the Acehnese language and the traditional lifestyle of Indonesian people. The author's commitment to the religious duty of Zakat Fitrah before the festival of Eid can help the poor people celebrate Eid happily with the other people in society. This reduces the gap between the rich and the poor and the love relationship that develops between them is heart-touching. For the above reasons, this post was nominated as the top post of the week.


@drqamuSEC - S17W1 / "Influence of SBDs on your growth"

Club : #club100
Nominated by : @jyoti-thelight
Curation window: 3 days

In this post, the author @drqamu has written his article tailored to the competition he participated in. In the article, he has written in detail about what SBD is and how it is obtained, and how SBD has benefited him now. The way he writes and the markdown style he uses really impresses me. And this post of his is an example for the newbies and an inspiration for the readers. So, I chose this post as the best post this time.


@neyistar23SEC17 WK:#1: El perdón une a la familia

Club :5050
Nominated by : @karianaporras
Curation window: 1 Day

In this publication, the friend talks to us about forgiveness and gives us some biblical foundations as to why it is so important to forgive. At the same time, she opens her heart to us and tells us how, thanks to forgiveness, they were able to enjoy her father as a family until he left. to exist.


@animal-shelterМої фотоспогади

Club : #club5050
Nominated by : o1eh
Curation window: 2 Days.

The author participates in the Photo Memories contest. This time, she talks about her own impressions of a trip to the city of Irpin near Kyiv in 2022, right after the Russian troops retreated from there.


Thank you very much.

Best Regards,



You have shared a very detailed report and all the selected posts this week are very useful and excellent. We hope your team will also select the best posts like this and support them. Appreciate @karianaporras for this excellent report.

Your post has been rewarded by the Seven Team.

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We are the hope!

 2 months ago 

Hi @ karianaporras, you provided a really complete report, and all of the selected blogs this week are extremely good. Congratulation to all the toppers of this week.

 2 months ago 

Gracias por tu trabajo por el equipo está semana, un abrazo ☺️

I thank you very much for your trust in rating my post as one of the best awards this week

Feliz por la mención y el apoyo a mi publicación. Felicito a todos mis amigos que fueron apoyados por sus publicaciones de calidad a través del prestigioso equipo de curación.

Gracias y bendiciones

Mi espíritu creativo se siente muy atraído por esta exhibición, es muy impresionante.

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