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Greetings, . . .

We would like to express our gratitude to the Steemit team for allowing us to present this weekly report as the Steem Greeter. This report is the result of our team discussion through the Discord Steem Greeters channel on January 21st, 2024, we have agreed on a few important points, one of which is presenting the weekly report in turns.

Steem Greeter Team Report.png

We would like to report the Steem Greeters Team's activities during the week in the Newcomer Community as we have actively encouraged newcomers by providing guidance and support to them to maximize the newcomer's understanding of the Steemit rules where necessary. Guiding them to complete the newcomer achievement tasks and also verify new accounts according to the rules to avoid fake and farming accounts as well.

We also have recorded the activity of verifying achievement tasks in the spreadsheet to simplify the monitoring task and take necessary follow-up actions on their achievement tasks by the greeters.

Without further ado, let's take a look at last week's activities in the Newcomers Community from the period of Jan 22nd until Jan 28th, 2024.

  • We have responded to 77 achievement tasks of newcomers from 9 countries and guided them to complete the achievement task, which is only one user who did not properly provide information about his country of origin.
  • We have reviewed Achievement 1, Achievement 2, Achievement 3, Achievement 4, and Achievement 5.1 by adding the label following their user name
  • We highlighted 5 newcomers who are actively posting good quality content and we assumed that those newcomers are potentially adding positive value to the platform. Here are those incredible Steemians that we selected for the week.
Post link and Reason

Mi presentación #1 a Steemit
I chose this publication from Achievement 1, because it is a very complete presentation, @joatam tells us about his family, his work, his hobbies and the interest he has in creating contentSelected by @inspiracion

#Logro 1 Mi presentación de Steemit por @nayaritterapeuta 25/01/24
@nayaritterapeuta is a new steemian who arrives on the platform from the capital of Venezuela sharing part of her story in a very good initial achievement under the guidance of the user @caro79 who kindly helped us validate her invitation and the real identity of this new member of the steemit teamSelected by @wilmer1988

Achievement 1: My introduction post @torab97
@torab97 joined this platform 7 days ago, and he has detailed his background, his interest in blogging, how he joined this platform, etc. in this achievement-1 publication. He has already started building his reputation by sharing his regular content. I hope he will continue this trend and show his passion for blogging in his content.Selected by @ripon0630

Achievement 5 Task 1 by @ibesso: Steemworld.org Review
This newcomer is an Italian citizen, who started joining in December 2023, Currently, he has a number of Achievement Task posts, which is a sign that he wants to learn about the steemit platform Selected by @heriadi

Achievement3 by@Tripple-e Task: Content Etiquette
@tripple-e is a fast learner, she's ready to learn and make corrections, she joined the platform last year in December and has been active and engaging. She's versatile, she's active in different communities and writes on different topics. Selected by @goodybest

That's all our report for this week, we hope for suggestions or constructive criticism to make changes to our performance in the following week. Thank you

Best regards

Steem Greeter Team
January 31, 2024


Thank you very much to the Steem Greeter Team and @heriadi for your support and guidance. It's an honor to be mentioned in your weekly report. I deeply appreciate the work of all active members, including @joatam, @nayaritterapeuta, @torab97, and @tripple-e, who enrich the community with their quality contributions. I am grateful for the opportunity to grow with this amazing community and hope to continue learning and contributing in meaningful ways.

@ibesso Muchas gracias a ti también por tu excelente contenido

I must say a very big thank you to steem greeter team and to also @heraidi for mentioning me in your reports. It is such an honour. Thank you

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