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I am reporting the second week of curatorial activities of May, carried out by Lifestyle curators, The International A-team through steemcurator08.

I have @alee75, @chriddi, @o1eh, @the-gorilla, @whyshy, @willeusz in my team who diligently worked the entire week along with me to make sure that all quality content is supported. Each one of us is responsible for one day of the week and follows two lifestyle categories.

We covered as many communities and unique authors as we could and we tried not to curate each author more than twice per week.


Curatorial Statistics of May-Week#2



Club Stats [only club eligible posts were curated]


Countries Covered - 19


Languages covered - 8


Communities covered - 27


Categories Stats


Top 7 Nominations by the Team


Author : @graceleon
Club : #club75
Post Link : NUEVO CONCURSO: Yo cuido el planeta y tú? (Desafío de participación de Steemit)♻️🌏
Nominated by : @o1eh

@graceleon will tell us about her love for our planet, as well as what she does every day to save it. Each of us can live a life that does as little harm to the environment as possible.- @o1eh

This post is expired.


Author : @ozenozge
Club : #club100
Post Link : #Club100 - Let's tour the Ortamahalle together 🏠🌿🌊
Nominated by : @willeusz

By far my favorite post of the week, a beautiful place, great photos, excellent use of formats. A pleasure to read! - @willeusz


Author : @firyfaiz
Club : #club100
Post Link : Pendekatan Sains vs Agama, Manakah yang Lebih Manjur Mengobati Gangguan Mental?
Nominated by : @alee75

In this post, @firyfaiz raises the theme of the debate between fundamentalists and liberals regarding which is more important, science or religion? Especially for mental treatment or healing. @firyfaiz describes her perspective based on her experience while conducting research on the effectiveness of spiritual approaches in treating people with mental problems (ODMK) and people with mental disorders (ODGJ) whose samples are people who have been diagnosed with mental disorders ranging from mild depression to severe, anxiety disorders, OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder), PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder), schizophrenia, psychosomatic, to delusions or delusions. - @alee75

The curation window of this post is closed.


Author : @tmighty
Club : #club100
Post Link : Steemit Engagement Challenge Week 2 || Share your Country's Culture: AROGBO IBE DAY FESTIVAL by @tmighty.
Nominated by : @chriddi

The author describes the "Arogbo Ibe Day Festival", a cultural event in Nigeria. It is a pleasure to read the detailed, colourful report of the tribal festival. -@chriddi

This post is expired.


Author : @sri.nelly
Club : #club5050
Post Link : The Diary Game (kamis 05-5- 2022) penuhi keinginan sibuah hati| betterlife | 10% Payout for @steemseacurator
Nominated by : @whyshy

Mothers are always with their children. The writer tells us how his day went. She goes on a cute shopping tour with her kids to buy the toy they want. - @whyshy


Author : @abell24
Club: #club5050
Post Link : Artículo de Reflexión Sueño Frustrado de un Amigo en el Deporte
Nominated by : @the-gorilla

@abell24 tells the story of his footballing friend in Venezuela whose career was taking off before a serious injury and the birth of his child (and the financial responsibilities that come with him). They'll always be left wondering... what if? - @the-gorilla


Author : @huzaifanaveed1
Club: #club100
Post Link : Club100 || Steemit Engagement Challenge W2- D6 || The Favorite Chef in the family. || It's me..
Nominated by : @event-horizon

The author has written about his culinary journey with interesting anecdotes from his childhood and later years as he slowly learned the art of cooking. -@event-horizon .


alee75 #club100 | chriddi #club100 | event-horizon #club75
o1eh #club75 | the-gorilla #club100
whyshy #club100 | willeusz #club100


gracias por el apoyo bueno es una lastima por mi amigo ya que espero que tenga la suerte de jugar al mas alto nivel como un atleta ya que los sueños nunca se pierde gracias de verda por su apoyo

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