Final Curation Report by Team Newcomer, 29-30 April 2024

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Dear, our fellow Steeminians.


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Finally, the last day in April has come and the Newcomer Curacion team would like to present you our last report to convey the last 2 days of April 2024. During the last two days, we have shown our support to new users who have been showing good publications, and interacting with other users, where we have been able to assess the quality of the work that has been shared.

It is important to highlight that in all the publications that we have reviewed and supported, we have done it taking into account the suggested norms or rules, such as:

  • Be original, since plagiarism of content is not acceptable.
  • The content must be exclusive to Steemit
  • Keep powering up the account

Without further ado, below is a summary of the curation work we performed during the last two days of April, always with the responsibility to distribute fairly the resources granted through the Sc09 account so that the trust given to us by the Steemit team is fulfilled in the best way. The summary presented by “categories” of what was the last day of curatorial work by the Newcomers Team.

During this last day, we continued the rotation of the fourth week, leaving the order as shown in the table. Each of the curators conducted an extensive review of different communities, to find the newest users, with good activity.


During the period from 29/04/2024 to 30/04/2024, we were able to support 36 publications and 5 of good quality comments, in addition, we managed to visit good varieties of labels, nationalities, and communities where new users have been participating, whom we invited to continue participating in the different dynamics that we have for it. Below is a table of supported publications and comments, according to the club they have joined.

N° of Publications Supported: 36

N° of Comments Supported: 5

We now present the number of users by "communities" that were supported by the team during this period, where we made a great effort to reach each country and see if new active users are sharing good quality content. We searched and found posts in a total of 17 communities during the curation days as the chart below

To conclude our curation summary, we would like to inform you about the different nationalities we supported during this week.


We also present the 2 publications of the last day, which were considered for the quality of their content and presentation.

Top 2 Selected Publications Of The Last 2 Days in April

Selection N° 1:

Post: The Diary Game, Sabtu 28 April 2024: Kenapa Kita Harus Berpisah? / Author: @nurlizarizky / Status Club: # No Club

Selected by: @suboohi
Opinion: The author joined the platform in April and since then he has shown consistency in publishing posts. Each post always tells details and is also accompanied by good photos. Since joining the platform until now the author has not been exposed and we think this is worth showing .

Selection N° 2:

Post: SEC17 WK:#3: large and small families, likes and dislikes / Author: @fajrularifst / Status Club: #Club5050

Selected by: @adeljose
Opinion: A publication where the friend @fajrularifst shows his point of view about the family unit, highlighting that his family is a little big and that he feels very good taking care of them. The publication is well organized and the author shows good performance on the platform.

This concludes the last curation report of Team Newcomer for the April period. We reiterate our thanks to the Steemit team for allowing us to support good content.

We welcome any questions or comments.

Our best regards

El-Nailul [Indonesia]
@adeljose [Venezuela]
@suboohi [Pakistan]
@goodybest [Nigeria]


Terimakasih, merupakan suatu penghargaan yang tak akan saya lupakan, semoga saya bisa menjadi lebih baik lagi dalam menulis.
Salam hormat saya kepada Tim Kurasi Pendatang Baru.

 2 months ago 

Terus berkreasi dan mengembangkan diri lebih baik lagi kedepan pak @fajrularifst


Siap, saya akan berusaha menjadi lebih baik lagi

Terimakasih untuk supportnya. Semoga saya bisa menulis lebih baik lagi..

 2 months ago 

Sama-sama, pertahankan dan tingkatkan terus kreatifitasnya semoga kedapan lebih bagus lagi

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