Weekly Report as Country Representative of India from 26 July 2022 - 2 AUG 2022 || #Club100

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🇮🇳 Namaste Steemit Team 🇮🇳

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First of all, I would like to thank the Steemit team from the heart that they trusted me and allowed me to work for my country as a CR so that I can help the people of my country.
This is my first report as CR of India. And I am working to connect the people of my country with this platform with true devotion and dedication.

Through this first report of mine, I would like to thank all my friends from the heart that you have full faith in me. I try to connect to all the members of my #steemindiaa community for good support. That's why my relationship with all the members of my community is very good.

Newcomer's Community

I first find those Indian people in the newcomer's community who are connected on this platform without any reference and start posting anything without completing Achievement 1.
I visit each post and make comments in our Indian Hindi language and give advice to achievement 1 post first, and I try to contact with any of my social media apps like Discord, and Telegram.
If a user joins this social media platform of mine, then I guide him.
In recent days one of our community members @aaru joins and now she is an active user in our community. I always shared some useful markdown formats with Newcomers when they asked me to write a good post.

@gauravdiwakarACHIEVEMENT LINKIndia

Newcomer's guidence program

Recently in Hyderabad I Organized a Steemit awareness program and explained some important benefits of steemit .
Telling everyone how much benefit it will be in the future.

S.no.Theme and linkPOST
1Questions in Seminar Newcomers' Guidance programsDFGD.png
2.My curation Theme Guideline post in Hindi Languagesafsa.png
  • Taught newcomers how to power up your Steem token to become the part of a club with the help of a telegram channel.

Curation work in steemindiaa community

A Steemit Engagement Challenge is going on in our community, that's why all the mods/admins together complete the work of curation. I do my curation task for the engagement challenge and for our community post too. We all don't put our names in Mod/admin Booming reports because we all work here as a team. I give a list of curated posts for booming support.

S.no.Posts curatedNo. of posts
1.Engagement challenge week 3 posts17
2.community posts10
3.Booming posts8

Additional - As part of the Steemcor07 Lifestyle Curation Team, I curate a total of 18 posts last week.

My total power in last 7 days and voting Csi

voting csi.png


This week I power up 67 SP to maintain club100 status. I am helping Steem and my account by powering up all my Steem tokens. With my Club100, more newcomers are eager to know its benefits and that too as soon as possible try to being the part of club100 member. I always try to promote newcomers on this platform by giving my votes that's why I keep my voting CSI level above 15.

steem trasfer.png


Guidence class and MOD/ADMIN meet through whatsapp group, Telegram, Discord and telephonic conversation

we always discuss with our team about the new approach for steem growth and find many ways to guide newcomers in simple way.

Whatsapp GroupTelegram GroupDiscord Group
whatsaapp group.pngScreenshot 2022-08-03 215239.pngScreenshot 2022-08-03 215427.png


The way I work for the Robinhood Army NGO with the spirit of service, I will also work on this platform with the same spirit We all have the same goal that along with the development of Steem, there should be development of ourselves and all the people of our country who are associated with this platform. My next goal is to make every effort to activate my Indian friends who have made distance from this platform due to some reason or the other.

Thank you.

My Discord id- deepak94#7616
Country Representative, India.


A great report. Congratulations 👍. You helped more newcomers and I am also a person in that category. Thank you.

 8 months ago 

Thanks for your kind supportive words.

Great report, Your guidence is very nice to understand easily....so thanks 😊

 8 months ago 

Good 👍

Your work must be appreciated, there is no doubt.You are the perfect choice as CR, which shows in your report.@deepak94

Brother you are doing a great work for our country.
Aise Hindustani ki jarurat hai CR ke roop mai...

 8 months ago 

Dhanyawad Bhai .. aaplogn ka prem hai ye to..
Kosis kro regularly post krne ka...

I will try my best brother but you know my condition.

 8 months ago 

You have submitted a great report in detail, I appreciate your hard work and efforts, all the best

 8 months ago 

Thanks for supporting my work Jyoti ji

Congratulations to your first report

 8 months ago 

Thanks @poorvik

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