Final Curation Report by Team 05 - | November 2023

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Compliments of the season,

It is the final report of activities by team 5 community curators using the steemcurator08 account. It was an amazing week reading through different communities and blogs and supporting different authors per our curation guidelines and Steemit rules. Priority was given to authors with steemexclusive posts, free of plagiarism, not using bots, following at least club5050, and not using AI to generate content.

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For this week's curation, the last two days were divided into 4 shifts of 12 hours, with a 50% vote for each curator. Each curator also selected the best post after curating. Unfortunately, the last shift was not effective as the account keys were changed and the last curator for the week could not access the account.

That said, below I will present a summary of the curation statistics of the final week of curation.

Total posts curated

For the final phase of curation, a total of 36 posts were curated with an average of at least 10 posts per the 12-hour curation shift shared among the curators.

Total Curated Posts: 36

Curation Done By Each Team Member

Curation by country

For this week, a total of 12 countries were visited by the team with Venezuela topping the list, followed by Indonesia, Nigeria, and Bangladesh respectively.



The varying shades show the number of publications upvoted from different countries - lighter color shows a lower selection, while darker ones represent a considerable presence in the chosen content.

Communities Covered

During this phase of curation, we reached out to authors from 18 different communities with the Steem Venezeula community having 5 posts visited and the steem4bloggers with 4 posts.


Club Status of the users

The graphs below indicate the club status of the different users supported with upvotes. the highest number of upvotes was given to authors with club5050 recording a total of 52.8 percent, club100 recording a percentage of 30.6, and club75 recording a percentage of 16.7.


Best Publications of the Week.



Club status: #club100

Post link:The Diary Game (27-11-23) Ethan hospitalizado y algo más. - Active
Nominated by: @wilmer1988

This week @venturabogarin shares a publication where he shows us the changes that life brings quickly and without waiting for them, but in the same way we always have to thank God for life, health and having the strength to move forward, difficult moments with Ethan has his health problem but he will surely improve soon. The children are a blessing who bring joy to the home and when they are not there everything feels very lonely.


Author: @hoesniy

Club status: #club100

Post link:Thediarygame, Kamis, 16 Nopember 2023;... - Active
Nominated by: @waterjoe

Minggu ini @hoesniy wrote a diary entry while watching the Pangkoarmada I Cup Volleyball Final Match. He started writing it at the time of the sports match held by Koarmada I in a series of activities to welcome the TA Armada's anniversary. 2023, one of which is the Volleyball Competition for the Pangkoarmada I Cup trophy. This is the first volleyball match since Koarmada I relocated from its old office in Central Jakarta starting December 2022. This match was held at the Koarmada I Command Headquarters field located on Jl. Yos Sudarso Batu Hitam, Tanjungpinang City, Riau Islands. This match is quite long because it ends in the final on November 16 2023. The match is held every day starting at 14.30 WIB with the first hour being played by the Women's Team and the second by the Men's Team. The match lasted for 11 days, presenting the final match for the Men's team, Ministry of Law and Defense vs Diana Tanjungpinang. For the women's team Kowal Koarmada I vs CVC Ciku Tanjungpinang until finally the prize distribution activity took place in the field by the Chief of Staff of Koarmada I, Admiral TNI Sawa to the 1st place winner CVC Ciku, 2nd place Kowal Koarmada I, and 3rd place CV AD. The content is very complete, telling about a volleyball match with participants from Republic of Indonesia soldiers, so it is very appropriate for the Commander to receive an award as motivation to continue to actively write on the Steemit platform


Author: @impersonal

Club status: #club100

Post link:Choices! What will it be? #33 - Inactive
Nominated by: @damithudaya

The user shares his experience of crossing Mayali Pass and how he dealt with different challenges. It was quite amazing and adventurous, especially camping near Masar Tall and Vashuki Tall. He nicely describes the importance of quality tents on severe occasions, some details about the history and evolution of tents, also practical tips on tent usage. So, overall I believe it's suitable for more recognition

It is at this juncture that we closed our actvities for November curation. Congratulations to all the selected users and we are grateful for the opportunity given to us by the Steemit team!!!

Team 05 Members

User NameCountryDiscord ID
@damithudayaSri Lanka DamithUdayanga#9442


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Thanks to @damithudaya and @chant for the support and nice presentation.

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