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TEst #2

Mmmmm, beeeeeeer......

I drink every alcohol BUT beer. I've never grew a taste for it and my liver can barely keep up with the rest of what I drink. :-)

I like to BBQ/grill on the BGE. Pulled pork are my go-to's. But I BBQ everything. Stir fry's, meat pies, corn bread etc etc. If it will taste good with a touch of smoke, I'm willing to give it a shot.

Try smoking a tray of distilled water, then make ice cubes out of it - add to a glass of whiskey.

I renamed the community to BBQ and drinks to include a wider audience :) I name thee 'egghead'.

My sisters dog is named. "Captain Egghead"

I proudly accept that name. :-)

 4 months ago 

lol! Awesome!