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Businesses are constantly making promotions because we are at the beginning of the year, the month of January is usually a month of hard work to be able to do and give the best.

Sportfit promotions are also a reality, because customers are looking for offers to save on their pockets, even when they look for quality they also think about savings, in the economy.

At Sportfit, the promotions of the month will be given to your customers because they encourage us to move forward, with each message received.

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What is the effect of promotions?

When customers see the word "offer" it is inevitable for them to stop thinking: "I want this for myself" and that is the idea that promotions are given throughout the month of January, all varied and in correspondence with the dates of advertisements.

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Each promotion has its rules and this is part of a control and order; the promotion being the best-performed start-of-the-year party.

What promotion do we have this week?

On this date in which this advertisement is made in the Business Community, we want to promote the 100 Lbs resistance cords and 40 Lbs latex-type resistance bands.

Do you think it is correct? Of course it is, latex bands are versatile and adaptable in working with resistance cords.

Clients will give you a power workout with this combination, learning to perform different routines and making a change to all the physical activity strategies they have taken so far.

How to combine these two training equipment?

Customers know how to recognize the quality and how good these two teams are together, since this is an unmissable promotion, which they cannot miss, because there is no other to possibly repeat it so close in these times, and by then it is too late , it must be seize the opportunity.

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To combine:

💪 Resistance ropes with shackles on the ankles and placing bands on the thighs, that is Five (05) fingers above the knees, with this combination you can work kick backwards and have a double function of strength and resistance, working glutes.

💪 Resistance cords with two cords to increase resistance, it can be a minimum and the one that follows in Lbs, adjust with the shackle at the ankle and place the bands in the same way on the thighs, five (05) fingers above the knee, the training will be on the buttocks and also on the legs, performing lateral stretching and squats, both exercises on both legs, therefore the shackle must be changed.

There are many combined workouts that can be done, upper and lower part, combining the equipment the results will be of power for the increase of muscle mass, weight loss, reaffirmation, among others that will be executed even when the client in the middle of the training does not notice it at the moment.

A set of power training ropes

Resistance ropes have become an important part of outdoor workouts, home workouts, and even used in the gym to supplement workouts.

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The more varied the better the performance and mood of those who use them. Each rope has its resistance and this is the one that must be studied to adapt it to training. How is it possible:

A very common example is taking as a reference the exercises that are carried out on large machines in the gym, because many of them go from minor to major, to see how much the person resists, their capacity, understanding that everything is in the determination, in the will and of course in the body of each person, to be in the necessary condition to perform the routines.

Likewise, you work with the 100 Lbs resistance ropes, they can go from less to greater or from greater to less, everything will depend on the type of routine.

Properly placed ropes are suitable for ab-focused routines, and by increasing the intensity with each new increase in ropes, you can achieve your desired goals and dream body.

A set of versatile bands

Latex bands are unique on the market, although there is currently a wide variety of many models and materials, which are also functional, latex bands have positioned themselves to never stop being used.

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These bands for wellness and health routines are special, why? *In its professional medical use:

  • Latex bands, due to their elasticity, allow the improvement of the various conditions to which the body has been subjected due to accidents, minor or serious injuries, but proper use and under medical supervision can help the mobility of many parts of the body.


💪 Work chest in a different way and with great potential to have the desired body.

💪 Biceps, not only in its free use but also in complement with weights to notice the difference, if it is in routines that deserve it or in its free use, the results are noticeable in a short time.

💪 Working shoulders with the bands has never been so much fun and with so much performance, because you learn to use it in so many possible ways that using the bands with added weight is an alternative option, because you can add bands with a higher level of resistance to balance the situation and improve what you want.

Latex bands are versatile and have proven over time to be suitable for all routines to be used.

Promotion of ropes and bands

The promotion of latex ropes and bands of 100 Lbs, is available from this publication and until the expiration date of this publication, that is, 7 days.

How is the promotion carried out? For the purchase of latex bands in a set of 5 and resistance ropes of 100 Lbs with all their training items, they have a special discount, for wearing them together.

Take now the two teams for $34 valid and active promotion from now on. Only for the purchase of both teams.

Characteristics of latex bands

The bands in varied colors in this promo will be wearing the blue bands in different shades with which men and women can work their routines perfectly.

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Characteristics of the bands
💪 Extra light =5 - 10 Lbs
💪 Light =10 - 15 Lbs
💪Medium =15 - 20 Lbs
💪Heavy =20 - 30 Lbs
💪Extra heavy =30 - 40 Lbs

Each band has a resistance that allows you to perform the routines at will, always keep in mind that the training must be done slowly if you want to obtain results.

Characteristics of resistance strings

Resistance strings in different colors, each with a different resistance, which allows good development and activity to keep the body in shape.

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Characteristics of the resistance ropes (100)LBS - 5 Niveles
💪Yellow =10 Lbs (4.5kg)
💪Green =15 Lbs (6.8kg)
💪Red =20 Lbs (9.1kg)
💪Blue =25 Lbs (11.4kg)
💪Black =30 Lbs (13.7kg)
Additional accessories that complement the activity in the training routines.

These strings come with their accessories, a set of 5 strings in different shades, and a gift bag to carry the equipment.

Cost-Special Promo

For the valid promo take both for only $34 and exchange in our local currency and of course Steem, sbd and TRX.

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You can cancel through steemit and in this way your purchase would be through the advertising medium through which the advertisement is made.

8.849 Sbd
90.368 Steem

For more information about the articles, accessories and equipment, contact us privately and we will gladly assist you.

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Business name:@sportfit.shop
Owner's name:@Cindycam
Business address:Anzoátegui , Venezuela.
About us:Link to presentation

Every business has witnessed the advancement of belonging to the Blockchain.


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Genial la promoción que ofreces en tu negocio para este mes, por eso le gusta mucho, las empresas sacan los productos en promoción y los cliente aprovecha, éxitos y muchas ventas.

 2 years ago 

January is a good month to offer promotions of our products. May you have many sales.

Hello @sportfit.shop, a pleasure to greet you and look at your commercial activity.

Thank you for showing us the promotions available on your products, with a great discount and excellent features that we must take into account when purchasing any of them.

We are delighted with your work, thank you for being an active member of Business Activity.

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