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Sportfit shop always in favor of progress and of this evolution in which we find ourselves for reasons that we know and for which are added to the changing situation, we offer quality to our clients, staying at the forefront to make training not only effective and effective , too, in the midst of comfort, they look great and like no other, undoubtedly becoming an attraction in the look of articles, accessories or equipment for training.

In the present day that we live, the distributor or business owner also sees the need to allow himself to be part of the new trends, focused on his work chain. In this case, sports-equipment, so we are not limited to including what the client requires (clothes, shoes, and others), always focused on the sports world, even though our strength is always in articles and equipment of training in full formation.

We must have the capacity for internal stimuli within our thinking as a company, in this way external stimulation is achieved for our clients who are passionate about sports. When an article is shown in our publications to the public, due to personal aspirations to its physical improvement, it is very receptive and it is the proximity to find the possibilities of positivism for the improvement of Sportfit.

Everything we offer can be used outdoors or in your training routines in specialized centers for body improvement, even for therapies based on health and physical condition for the best future of daily life.

A business is prioritized and maintained with the work sample, it is important for us to be part of the activities of current and future clients who place their trust in us.

How do we manage to be part of clients' lives?

Distributing our articles with the best disposition and always with optimism, for the improvement of your body and state of mind, because you must never forget that the mind plays the most important role in the entire training process.

A happy client is the goal of every business, a client attracts another client, with the quality sample that he has to carry out training, from the easiest to the most complex.

Customer YOU decide!

Training not only changes the way you see everything around you, it is a healthy and different lifestyle that is needed, both young and old, everyone requires training, for health and it is always the point that constitutes in their Most of them, to transform a slim and dream body, always for their own satisfaction and inspiration.

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Resistance Bands 150 Lbs

These bands for being one of the most requested, we have them in different presentations, and of course in resistances that require more effort.

WhatsApp Image 2021-09-15 at 7.27.12 PM.jpeg

The colors are the most striking presentation in sight and what many clients tend to like and therefore require. They wonder:

💪Are they all the same?
💪Do they have the same function?
💪Can I train easily?

The truth is that yes, all the same function, the difference is the resistances and of course the colors, which for some a particular taste, a style, always marking their own tendency to differentiate themselves from other training lovers.

A band is more than an accessory or a simple article, it is the one that will benefit you in training, each goal is set to advance, and resistance bands are your complement to improve, shape, lose those pounds that you no longer want to have, increase muscle mass, strengthen, bands are of great help, and once you have one, you will always want more, because each of the corresponding Lbs can be increased so that the changes are noticed in a short time.

Why wear a set of this model?

Offer and deliver quality, the best of our work is to talk about the reality of the product, the images make the presentation and we as a company do the rest, to give the truth of what is offered. Take good care of your customer and they will come back.

Do you want to know why you need these bands?

💪 Comfortable.
💪 Unique.
💪 Easy to handle.
💪 You dominate in no time.
💪 Results like no other.

Among many others to start, but do not forget that a balanced diet and good training in slow sessions is what will help with any of the bands you use for your routines.

Do you feel that your body has not changed? Do you train and the changes are not evident? Never despair, discipline and perseverance, to achieve it, and you will see the result, because the resistance bands fulfill their objective when used correctly.

Our social networks are active for orders

As we know, most of the sales, as a result of the pandemic, increased with greater results through social networks, and in Sportfit this great adventure began, which continues to benefit us and the customers who are always there, waiting for what we have for them.

Instagram visible status

When the projection of the business is underway, it is necessary to do everything possible to improve the image of what we show, different presentations of our articles increasingly amazing so that everyone always wants to be part of the business, as a customer.

The truth is that it has not been easy, but when we talk about everything they can do with the Resistance Bands, the amazement is so great that they want them all.

We have different types of clients and the opportunities for friendly treatment are always presented to satisfy the demand, whichever is.

Train happy

Training is fun and bands make it even more entertaining than it seems and what is put into practice. Each resistance is suitable for each of the workouts or as needed for the special exercise of the day.


New clients and future clients should always keep in mind that the increase of each band is of importance in the training process.

By using them individually or in the increase of each one, the effects that are being noticed only by the person who exercises himself is the one who will notice it immediately, tension and strength, essential for the task to be achieved.

You can train:

💪 Buttocks.
💪 Femoral.
💪Upper and lower body.

Combined workouts are the most requested or the ones that coaches put into practice the most.

Always in the daily routines, there is one or two special days, so as not to work with weight, it is when the bands in a unique way, will confirm what they are made of and the results that IF are achieved when the body is correctly training.

Do you want to know what its resistance is?

Each of the bands in a unitary way, correspond to a resistance, the information is necessary for those who are starting to train and / or for those who already have time but still need to know the product in depth.

150 Lbs Resistance - 3 Levels 💪🍑

Light =60 Lbs🔥Medium =90 Lbs🔥Heavy =150 Lbs🔥

To train with all the batteries on!

StrengthensGets betterDifferent rhythm
💪 The bands are non-slip💪 They do not break easily💪 Perform routines from the easiest to the most complex


These bands with their frequent use allow total control in the movement and stability to carry out the training without problems.

Valuable information: These bands come with a manual to help you.

Cost of set - current day 15-09-21

3.906 Sbd
40.979 Steem

Availability for national and international shipments.

The costs shown may change, for the change in our local currency. Always, ask for the cost and we will offer you all the information.

A healthy mind and body is what helps us maintain happiness, train with confidence and dare to change.

Business name:@sportfit.shop
Owner's name:@Cindycam
Business address:Anzoátegui , Venezuela.
About us:Link to presentation

Thanks to the community for the opportunity for our businesses to be part of Steemit.

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 2 years ago 

thank you for sharing some tips about exercising you provide the best tips for us your customers by using tools that make you comfortable while exercising you also share about the price greetings success always @sportfit.shop

 2 years ago 

I love the way you let us know the benefits we can get from using the products you offer.
Maintaining a strong and healthy body is as important as maintaining a healthy mind and that is possible through the practice of physical exercises.
Success for you and your company.

Hello @sportfit.shop I totally agree with you, the mind plays a fundamental role when we have to perform this type of physical activity, we are the ones who must bend our spirits to be able to get in shape, thanks for showing you how to use, and select your beautiful products.

resistance bands are the best, I love using them in my glute routines, I hope to get one from you @sportfit.shop soon.

 2 years ago 

Very good way to promote each of your products. Thank you for detailing everything regarding those bands, especially their price.

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