Business Activity | Plagiarism, Abuse and Spam - Weekly report #3 [17/09 - 23/09]

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As time passes, more users are attracted to our business community, it is for this reason that we are increasingly strict in the area of plagiarism, abuse and spam.

Our purpose is to maintain compliance with the regulations of both the community and the platform in general, and in turn educate users not to make these types of mistakes and encourage them to publish quality content and of their own authorship.

Plagiarism, Abuse and Spam

According to the frequently asked questions in Steemit, it is taken into consideration:

  • Asking for money, views, upvotes, follows, or resteems.
  • Leaving nearly identical or materially similar comments on multiple posts.
  • Comments that are unrelated to the topic of discussion.
  • Posts or comments that include little or nothing more than an offer to trade follows or upvotes.
  • Using tags that are unrelated to the post.
  • Not citing sources when using someone else’s material.
    FAQ source

What we want to share with you

A team oriented to success follows the recommendations for its improvement and positioning.

Please understand the following:

The community feed must only show content from publications of a business nature and that are governed by internal guidelines.

Automatically a content that does not correspond to what is requested, will have a message in the comments section of the publication and will be silenced.

What can you NOT post in this community?

  • Publications that have no relevance to your own topic as a company.
  • Publications with a lack of content.
  • Diarys publications.
  • Publications without eloquence to your business development.
  • Publications without meaning to what strictly refers to your business.
  • Publications that contain only images.
  • Publications that contain little or nothing to attract your customer.
  • Publications that only contain images and links from websites that are not of their own.
  • Publications with previously shared content on other websites, social networks, or within steemit, as a and accurate copy of what is proposed as new.

They can only post content for sale and/or advertising, when they have been verified. Otherwise it will be muted. Reading and educating yourself is exactly what will make you stand out in an example of progress.


List of users who have infringed

An error may or may not be repeated and will depend on each user who does not comply with the request.

PostUsernameComments added notification
Post link@nova001Message: Content muted for plagiarism.
Post link@smith0077Message: Content without relevance.
Post link@usmanali1Message: Business is not owned by you.
Post link@rayhan111Message: Post not relevant. Invitation to follow the presentation steps.
Post link@printskillMessage:Post is not relevant.
Post link@landesyMessage: Irrelevant content in the community.
Post link@biplob25Message: Breach of the rules for business presentation.
Post link@landesyMessage: Content not relevant to community functions.
Post link@nifrijalMessage: Contains plagiarism. Invitation to follow the regulations.

Image corresponding to the week - Post Muted!

Post silenced

Any user, a new member or with a reasonable time, has the duty to learn about the requirements of steemit and of this community where his company or undertaking is shown.

The suggestions of the moderators are of importance, remember that they are to work for the community and therefore, in its best business development.

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@rjlv190 MOD Team SBA🔹

 2 years ago 

This all can be a lesson for us and here we can correct any mistakes and mistakes because plagiarism or spam is not the best side in every job

That is correct, the objective is that the community is free of plagiarism, abuse and spam, especially that our entrepreneurs make their own and quality content.

 2 years ago (edited)

Sir, I was not intended for Spam, The post was made for a different community and unfortunately, I posted here. But soon I have removed the text and labeled it the Wrong post.

I also have shared my apologies in a comment. I request you please do not consider me on your Spam list.

Hope you understand.


Hello friend, that publication was silenced for not being a relevant content in the community.
Your next posts will have no problems as long as you comply with community regulations.

Hello @rjlv90, thank you for providing us with this summary of how publications within the community should not be, together we grow!

 2 years ago 

Being aware of the acts that can have repercussions is important. Let's all work together for steemit.

 2 years ago 

Thank you very much for this wonderful helpful information.

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