The weekly report of Active Members from Indonesia in the @businessactivity community by representatives of the Indonesian Moderators is set at 15% to @businessactivity #club5050

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It is a matter of pride and joy for us because we can be part of the community, all team members work as much as possible in the process of community development. We are proud of our passion and belief for now.

Currently in our community there are still many business people from various companies who are in charge of their respective sectors from various parts of the world with their unique work with the best content every day.

We are grateful because until now we still have extraordinary support this makes our investors are more confident and more enthusiastic with the incentives they receive we hope this support continues and we use it as well as possible in advancing the community and every company concerned with quality posts.

We will support each of our active users with their publication We will also guide and encourage them from our users through comments, which we hope with some support that we have provided through comments made by our moderators, hopefully it can be a motivation or encouragement for you to make your business even better.

Many of our users are still active in their communities consisting of several countries, one of which is they are users from Indonesia.

Some of our active members are from Indonesia who are in charge of several sectors:

Distribution and Sale.


Business name:Online Shop
Owner's name:@pecintabunga20
Business address:Tanah pasir ,Aceh ,Indonesia


Business Activity ||Online Shop Business ||Promoting The Stock Of Goods That Are Still Ready |10% Set To Account @businessactivity

This week they share about some of the stock that is still available in their business, there are beauty products and also some other accessories which we believe are all very well available which makes clients feel more at home with them.


Business name:Cahaya Baru
Owner's name:@ustazkarim
Business address:Alue Barueh Kec. Seunuddon Aceh Province


Business Activity // TOKO CAHAYA BARU | Business conditions in times of famine

BUSINESS ACTIVITY | Procurement of new goods in TOKO CAHAYA BARU

#Tokocahayabaru who contribute to their community are trying to help people in need by opening up opportunities and providing debt loans for items needed by the community and repaying them when people are financially improving, besides that they also share with us some new stock of goods, we believe with perseverance and zeal trying their business to achieve success.


Business name:Rasyana Galery
Owner's name:@rasyana
Business address:Geudong ,Aceh Utara,Indonesia


Business Activities | BPOM Cosmetics Product Price Promotions and Offers

This week they are promoting several cosmetic products that are in their business every offer at a tempting price we are sure more and more fans are applying for their products.

Pastry shop.

Business name:Usaha rumah tangga (urt)
Owner's name:@riska-amanda
Business address:Aceh Utara ,Indonesia


Business Activity//USAHA RUMAH TANGGA (URT) promotes birthday packages for children//accept payments with IDR/ STEEM and SBD set 15 to @businessactivity #club5050

Sharing with us the prettiest birthday cake they all served to perfection which left the client even more stunned we believe their efforts will be more successful.



Business name:Bengkel las jaya indah
Owner's name:@humaidi
Business address:Indonesia


Business Activity || promoting door fences with different motifs.can accept payments via IDR, STEEM, SBD ||set 10% @businessactivity account by @humaidi

This week they offer a variety of steel buildings with every offer that looks amazing we are sure steemians near and far can apply for their products good luck awaits.


Business name:Karya Sempurna
Owner's name:@taillah
Business address:Indonesia


Promote our three kinds of workshop welding works KARYA SEMPURNA (accept payment using SBD and STEEM) 10% set @businessactivity #club5050

Various offers with encouraging results for every product with extraordinary results. We are sure that Karya Sempurna welding workshops are increasingly recognized and looking for.

Thus the summary of our report this week, we hope that in the present and in the future more of our participants are active and enliven the community with dedication and focus on the business they run.

We also urge newcomers to better understand and comply with what the community has implemented by studying and understanding the introduction of the community in order to achieve a goal by understanding each other and understanding what should be published so it will make it easier for us teams to work because remember we work for the progress of the community in order to create a solid and consolidated community as we expect.

Greetings full of love from the representatives of the Indonesian Moderators.


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Each of the investor members stands out in an extraordinary way, and together in support of each one, the achievement of team work will be achieved. Congratulations to the members of your country for betting on the future.

 last year 

Thank you for the support and motivation.

 last year 

Indonesian have a very great work there, so unique and unprecedented achievement.

 last year 

Thank you for your precious words friend.

 last year 

You are welcome my good friend

 last year 

The Indonesia team are doing a great work, kudos to them and thanks for sharing the report

 last year 

thank you for the motivation

Greetings friends, congratulations for staying active giving your best.

 last year 

Thank you so much my friend

 last year 

Wow, what top class selections from the Indonesians community. Thank you for the hardwork. I was particularly captivated by the business of birthday packages for children. Congratulations to those selected.


So I decided to delegate a 100 vests to the community. It would definitely increase over time but I would start with this

 last year 

All contributions are well received, since support for the community is essential. Greetings.

 last year 

Thank you for your appreciation and motivation for our investors.

Wow that is a great support thank you for your contribution to our community we are happy to have you here.


Excellent team work you are doing a good job in your country.

 last year 

Thank you for your support.

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