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Good night all #business friends wherever you are, may you always be fine, and all the business you do may be successful and a blessing to all of us

Back to my online shop Putry Tapas Olshop which sells all kinds of women's clothing, children's clothing, bags, hijabs, jams, cosmetics and other accessories, and for today I will be promoting several models of boys' and girls' clothes. The clothes that entered today were Gucci t-shirts, knitted span skirts, and suit for girls and boys.

I don't have much strategy in Promoting my online business, I only promote goods every two days or every day on my social media through facebook and watshap, besides that the strategy I do is sell and promote goods that are different from other online stores, and the most important thing that I have to I pay attention to the quality of the products I sell, if the goods we sell are of good quality then I can attract new customers from our regular customers, new customers can come from regular customers, if the quality of the goods is good, of course our customers will ask their friends to order at the store we, or even they ask themselves, And that is something that happens quite often to me, usually when ordering something, they even take things together or just come to accompany.

Requirements for Online Customers Outside the Region and Within the Region

Online order conditions must transfer money first before I send the goods according to your order, and for shipping costs that are still within the aceh area, it's enough IDR 13,000/2.3 Steem, for shipping costs outside aceh according to the location, and for those who live close by, you can pay when you pick up the goods


For payment of goods I accept all payments via, Idr, Steem and Sbd.

My address

Address : Keutapang Village
District :Tanah Pasir, North Aceh.

And here are some of the items I want to promote today.

Gucci T-shirts For Boys And Girls






Price :40.000 Idr/ 7.5 Steem/0.6 Sbd
Material :Combad30s, cool and comfortable
Platysol Screen Printing:Does not fade
Size :1-10 years
color:Black, Navy, White, Red

Girls Knit Skirt



Price :40.000 Idr/7.5 Steem/0.6Sbd
Material:Thick And Stretchy Cotton Knit
Size :1-4 Years

Sweater Suits for boys and girls



Price :55.000 Idr/10.5 Steem/0.8Sbd
Size:1-8 years

Ons Set Gucci Lace




Price:55.000 Idr/10.5 Steem/0.8 Sbd
Material:Soft Rayon Cotton
Size:1-6 Years
Color:Black, Blue, Yellow, Red


Business Logo Putry Tapas Olshop

For all friends who are interested, you can directly contact me via Facebook, watshap or Discort pecintabunga20#1413.

Bussiness:Online Shop (Putry Tapas Olshop)
User Name:@pecintabunga20
Owner's name:Putri Zulaina
Location:Tanah Pasir, Aceh,Indonesia.
About Us:Link presentation

Greetings @pecintabunga20

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Hello! Love the pink pajamas🤩 . A good advertising strategy is to have an online store on Instagram, when we work with quality products, customers rain down. Greetings from Venezuela.

 2 years ago 

Hai @falyess thanks for the comments and support, where I live Facebook and whatsapp are much more active than Instagram.

Hello @pecintabunga20, a pleasure to greet you again.

What a pleasure to see the variety of clothing available for your customers, full of colors and textures that will undoubtedly be the customer's selection.

Thank you for being an active member of Business Activity.


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Thank you sis, I'm glad you always comment and support us.

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The promotion with quality is a real PROMOTION, if you offer something with a good image and that makes an impact then you will be able to attract customers.

Promoting on social networks, or through your whatsapp groups with garment modeling is a good strategy.

Thank you for being an active member of this community.


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