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Hello friends all #BusinessActivityfriends...!!
how are you today..?
May you all be well, and may we all always be in the protection of Allah.

Tonight I want to introducing my new business, which is an online shop business and these are some pictures of the business I am currently doing selling various online items ranging from clothes, watches, sandals and shoes, bag, hijab, cosmetics and glasses, I usually promote my business through Facebook , Watssap and now I can promote via steemeet also on #BusinesActivity


Unit price 90.000/12 Steem/0.900 Sbd

  • Material: Ceruty - Detail Model ruffle shoulder wrist wrinkle puff sleeve

  • Description Size: over size

Long Skirt

Unit price of a pleated skirt is 80.000 IDR/11 Steem/0.800 Sbd

  • Material:
    Hyget Premium

  • Model Details:
    full rubber waist
    sewing bottom

  • Size Description:
    skirt length 95 cm
    Waist circumference before stretching 50 cm can stretch up to 100 cm



  • The price for sandals depends on the model

  • Available sizes 37-40



  • Unit price 25.000 IDR/3.260 Steem/0.250 Sbd.



  • The price of different hours varies from 30.000-100.000/4-13 Steem/0.300-1 Sbd.



  • The price of glasses varies depending on the model, prices start from 20.000-100.00/3 Steem-13 Steem/0.200-1 Sbd.

This is an attempt that I did, if there are shortcomings in the discussion, please give criticism and suggestions.

For those of you who want to order or want to ask questions, you can contact me via Discord.

Bussiness nameOnline Shop
Owner's name@pecintabunga20
LocationTanah Pasir Aceh- Indonesia

My greetings @pecintabunga From Indonesia

 3 years ago 

Excellent presentation of your different businesses. It is good that you are growing commercially. Congratulations.

 3 years ago 

Thank you sis.

Hello @pacintabunga, happy night, it is a pleasure to read your content, I formally welcome you into the community, it is a pleasure to see all the material you have to show the beautiful clothes as well as the women's shoes and not some are the garment that we will all be have in our wardrobe. For its publication in a way, we would like to talk a little more about your business, such as what your suppliers would be when receiving and buying the merchandise that does not speak a little also about how you serve your customers and have some home service or do you have any commercial premises where I can go to visit you, breakdown not a little more all the operation of your business.

Now we are in Discord, we invite you to Join if you have not done so for your account to be verified!

Join Discord - Business Activity

 3 years ago 

Ok sis, I will explain how to receive and buy goods in the next post.

Very good presentation, in times of pandemic and in these times with the advancement of technology, social networks are always a good marketing strategy for our business.

 3 years ago 

Thank you very much for the comments, yes very true, even without the current pandemic social networks have played a very important role in our business.

 3 years ago 

Hello @pecintabunga20 , excellent items for sale in your business, the old store will be discarded, and we will be accepting this new business.

From now on use this post as a link to your main presentation.
In the table below:


Thank you for continuing with us.

Please, add the social networks, where you keep active sales.


 3 years ago 

Thank you.

 3 years ago 

Glad to see your new business hope your business can grow the way you want we would like to hear more about your business we would like to see about how you transact with your customers

 3 years ago 

Thank you sis.

 3 years ago 

I am online seller too. I have online shop on Tokopedia Marketplace
Great to see you here from indonesia

 3 years ago 

Oh really, what is the name of your shop on tokopedia.

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