Announcement: Business Meetup 🚀 Lecheria, Anzoátegui (Venezuela) | 50 STEEM to support

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The business community has clear purposes regarding the vision by which it has been established and in which it continues to put into practice the strategies for the benefit of steemit, in the form of a reality in which users from all over the world can experience being part of the future of business.

The launch of Meetups in their country, part of the idea of ​​attracting investor members to find the ideal place for that company that, although it is positioned, is still not known in depth and of course we are encouraging for small and medium-sized companies in the search of financial improvement and its development and breadth.

With the first call to our investor members, they have been encouraged to carry out the meeting in their locality, betting on community growth and in favor of the steem ecosystem.

Business Meetups in Venezuela.

We are pleased to announce the first event attended by a member and Moderator in the @gensequini community, as part of their business boom experience.

An investor was selected to finance the event, the funds will be available and these will be distributed by @steem.meetups and @businessactivity, joined by steemit and new steemians to be part of this challenge of opportunities.

To promote the growth of new entrepreneurship and business within steemit, we will address several points such as the following:

  • How to enter steemit
  • Enter Business Activity
  • How you can boost your business
  • Earnings in Crypto currencies
  • Delegations
  • Post writing
  • Power Up
  • What you can contribute to the growth of the blockchain as a business


Saturday, November 13, 2021. 4:00 pm.


Café Centro Comercial, La Concha Av. Principal de Lechería. Anzoátegui Venezuela.

Photographs of the place:


Sponsorship (50%)


10% of the rewards from this post go to @businessactivity
20% of the rewards from this post go to @steem.meetups

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Excelente iniciativa, allí estaremos impulsando el crecimiento de la comunidad empresarial y su inversión en Steemit.

We salute the great interest that will surely result in great success, hopefully many of them will join and the event will run smoothly and successfully

Me parece excelente mucho exito

 2 months ago 

Hola @katherinangulo , ojalá puedas venir a este reunión. Anzoátegui te esperaa❤️

Gracias asi sera

 2 months ago 

Excelente allí estaré para apoyar a la comunidad en el impulso de este nuevo proyecto para atraer nuevos inversores. Feliz día

 2 months ago 

I hope you have a lot of success and great benefit

 2 months ago 

Excelente, allí estaré apoyando la actividad.✨ muchos éxitos

 2 months ago 

The higher the interest, everything proposed will have the expected success. Meeting for investors, what great news and hope that many can enjoy knowing and learning about steemit and the community.

 2 months ago 

Excelente, iniciativa. Muchos éxitos 💯

Espero que todo salga como se planifica y muchas personas puedan asistir.

A pleasure to organize the first meetup of investors ... I will always be at the disposal of the growth of the community.

Ésto está muy bueno, conocer más de actividad empresarial y aprender quizá a como desarrollar una idea.

 2 months ago 

Espero nuevamente tu propuesta en el próximo lanzamiento. 😃

 2 months ago 

excelente iniciativa, lastima que estamos lejos...

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