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As our clientele grows, at Truchi Cafe, we want to offer products that appeal even more and make it possible for each person to want to come back for larger orders. Therefore, we are constantly learning, to be able to offer attractive products that everyone will like.

This time we decided to make the famous pizza cone, that wonderful pizza rolled into a cone shape and filled with all the ingredients we like. Let me tell you that we DID IT, but above all let me share with you this little delight that will surely fascinate you.


Why make a pizza cone?🤔
When we start a business, whether large or small, we must bear in mind that the limit is the sky; the variety is undoubtedly the one that attracts people and the flavor leaves them as regular customers. With this in mind, Truchi Cafe has taken on the task of studying the market to see what attracts the most, being the pizza cone one of these products.

It's different and fun way makes adults and children love it 😋; Therefore, we have not wanted to ignore this idea and we have got down to work. We are still promoting it; but people really love it and we didn't want to wait any longer to share it with the amazing #businessactivity community.

How to make the cone mold?🤔
Although in the market there are many molds that allow us to make pizza cone in a fast and professional way; as a business that is just taking its first steps, we have decided to make it from home, with materials that we already had at home and which fulfill the same function as professional molds.

For this purpose, recycling sheet, aluminum foil and a lot of patience were used.

🎯The first thing is to make a cone shape with the recycling sheet, either following a pattern or fully trusting our own talent.

🎯Once the cone shape is reached with the recycling sheet, the sheet is wrapped in aluminum foil, following the same cone pattern and trying to make it very firm.

🎯This is all the process that needs to be done to achieve the perfect and homemade molds for our pizza cones.

How to make the pizza cone?🤔

Once we have the mold ready, the rest is very simple. Do not forget that for this and any pizza you want to make, you must have a perfect dough, with just the right touch of fat and sugar, so that everyone likes it, without neglecting the healthy of this food.

🎯What should be done is to stretch the dough very well on a table with flour on top, this dough must be at least 1 centimeter thick.

🎯Once stretched, what follows is to roll the dough into the mold.

🎯At the end of the winding, a little water must be placed with a brush or with our own fingers; this so that the dough is united and does not separate during cooking.

🎯With the shape of the dough ready, what remains is to cut the pieces that remain or protrude from the mold and that's it. We have a cone-shaped dough waiting for the perfect ingredients.

How is this pizza baked?
Being so differently shaped, baking is also done a little differently:

🎯 Well, having all the cones ready, they must be baked at 180 ° for 10 minutes so that the dough takes consistency and can resist the filling without losing its shape.

🎯After 10 minutes or when the cones look a little golden, they are removed from the oven and allowed to cool until we can handle them again.

🎯Once the cones are cold, the filling (sauce, cheese, onion, paprika, corn, black olives, oregano) is added. These ingredients will depend on the taste of the diner, I only refer to some of the ingredients that a good pizza has.

🎯Once the ingredients have been added, the cones are returned to the oven for a period of 10 or 15 minutes.


There are two ways to put them in the oven:

  1. In heat resistant cups (place the cone and put it in the oven)

  2. On a heat-resistant tray (the cone is placed lying on the tray)

Both ways are valid, it is applied according to the comfort of the chef.

At Truchi Cafe we ​​love to give advice to help us improve and achieve professional homemade products. That is why we always leave our recommendations at the end of our posts. This is no exception, so take note.

🎯Do not add a lot of sauce inside the cone. This will make the dough take much longer to cook and the end result will not be as expected.

🎯Place the ingredients by layer, so you will achieve that the cone is completely full.

🎯Although the cheese should go right on top of the cone, you can also add cheese at the beginning and in the middle of the cone.


Business name:Truchi Cafe
Owner's name:@maurelvys
Business address:Cumana, Sucre, Venezuela.
About us:We are Truchi Cafe

Pizza Cone (Unit)USD 2 - SBD 0.305 - STEEM 1.937
Combo (6 pieces)USD 6.5 - SBD 0.991 - STEEM 12.09

Dear readers, I hope that this publication is to everyone's liking and that you can make the most of it. We cannot say goodbye without thanking the @businessactivity team for all their support and commitment. Wishing all members of this community prosperity and blessings for their businesses.



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Peace & Love!

 2 years ago 

Thank you very much. 😊

 2 years ago 

Excelente idea no había visto la pizza de esa forma, a mi hija le encanta la pizza, tratare de hacerle una de esa forma, gracias por compartir.

 2 years ago 

Gracias por visitar nuestra publicacion @mvchacin. Ojala logres hacer este tipo de pizza para tu hija, estoy segura que le va a encantar.

 2 years ago 

Hello @maurelvys thank you dear for today's material it really looks very delicious pizza cone with a very unique shape and looks delicious thank you for sharing the recipe maybe I will try it hopefully your clients are satisfied with the shape and taste of different delicious pizza.

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 2 years ago 

Thank you dear @riska-amanda for taking the time to read us.
This is a really fun way to present pizza. Hopefully you can do it.
I power up weekly, thank you for reminding me.

Congratulations on coming up with an innovative idea to make your specialty pizza stand out from the crowd! It looks fun to eat a pizza like an ice cream cone!

 2 years ago 

Thank you very much @catotune, it is gratifying to know that people like you are interested in this type of publication.

Hello @maurelvys it is a pleasure to greet you without a doubt that the recipe you have provided us today has been lovely, a different way to eat a good pizza, congratulations!

 2 years ago 

Thank you for always being attentive to our publications @gensequini.
Really the pleasure is ours, to be able to bring this type of content to the community fills us with satisfaction.

 2 years ago 

Hello @maurelvys , thank you for this great new job content in your business, always innovating and proving that it is possible to achieve success if you persevere for it.

The sample of the structure of your blog, corresponds to what is a great attraction to the reader who is in search of something that delights him and who also knows what it contains, as they have shown it.

Work of admirable work, growing and empowering as it should be.

Thank you for the associated costs in steem and sbd, as well as in your local currency.

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 2 years ago 

Thanks @cindycam, your comments are very accurate and always give some recommendations for everyone's growth.
Thanks for the constant support.

Queeee, se ve divina, sin duda se superaron esta vez! ya quiero probarla

 2 years ago 

Así es, quedaron geniales. Espero pronto puedas probarlas; ya sea porque nos encargues o porque la hagas en casa. Cualquiera de las dos opciones estoy segura que te fascinara. Saludos

 2 years ago 

It looks very good. An excellent idea to do at home.

 2 years ago 

They really are delicious, it is a different option to encourage everyone to eat.

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