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A cordial greeting to all the members of the community, today as participation in the contest proposed by our friend @cindycam we are going to present our investment and diversification plan for this year 2022. This plan was developed under the idea of ​​being able to grow our entrepreneurship and reach more customers in the market thus achieving its growth.

Before getting into the subject, we would like to leave you with a brief explanation about what an investment plan is; An investment plan is the synthesized structure of the management of current and future investments, this system is divided into three parts:

  • Objectives
  • Parameters
  • Time

Below we will present our current investment plan, it should be noted that one of the advantages of having an investment plan allows us to measure how the management of our investments is going, so it can be modified at convenience.


Investment Plan Objectives

Our Investment plan for this year 2022 is focused on three main objectives, which seek the growth of the enterprise and expansion in the market, seeking to obtain a greater number of clients and be able to offer products at lower prices. These three objectives are as follows:

  • Being Wholesalers: Achieving wholesale purchases of supplies, obtaining less spending on the unitary material necessary to make our desserts.

  • Open Branch: It manages to take the brand to another city and to be able to offer our services also in a larger population.

  • Diversify Payment Methods: Manage to implement different payment methods to facilitate purchases by different customers.

The purpose of all these objectives is to grow the company as well as your rank in the market, achieving higher profits for the investment and growth of the company.


Plan Parameters

In order to meet these stated objectives, we organize a series of systematized steps to guide the actions to be carried out. These steps can be modified during the execution of this plan in order to achieve the proposed goals.


Compliance with the first objective

In order to achieve this objective, our enterprise is under the proposals of association to be supplied by two local supplier stores, with which we have had months of relationships as retail buyers and we have maintained a deal proposing wholesale purchases as a payment plan in parts.

The first business is Fruit Market Milk and Honey, which distributes a wide variety of plastics such as containers and disks that we use daily in our business, as well as other supplies such as whipped cream and cocoa powder; This place is located in the green Cross sector of Bolívar City Location and its business Instagram is as follows Fruit market Milk and Honey

The second business is Pastry World 2, which distributes different confectionery supplies such as gel dyes, sprinkles, toners and utensils such as nozzles, sleeves, airbrushes and pastry combs; This place is located on República Street in Bolívar City Location and its business Instagram is the following Pastry World

For this, Orinoco's Sweet is raising investment capital to purchase inputs from these two distributors:

InputsQuantityValue in CurrencyValue in BolívaresValue in Steem
Discs #1220 units$177857
Discs #1620 units$219671
Cocoa Powder - Royal brand1kg$62720
Gel food coloring - KG brand14 units$219671
Sprinkles - 100gr20 units$409267

All prices are based on the current Bolívar exchange rate, according to the exchange house

On the other hand, we have the sponsorship and financing approach by citizen Juan Galea, who is the current broker in the country of importers Blue Word, which imports sugar, wheat flour and other supplies from Brazil and Marine network enterprise who imports coal and uria from Colombia. He proposed us to sponsor our enterprise through the donation of:

  • 1 Bulk of Wheat flour - Mark Doña María (10 units)
  • 1 Lump of Sugar - Mark Doce Dia - (20 units)

This tied to a stipulated date of the approval of a customs that he is handling, In addition, the opportunity to request credits through the for the request of supplies.


Compliance with the second objective

To achieve this objective, our enterprise also has the sponsorship proposal of the citizen Deliberth Galea, who is the owner of the Sweet Daigu enterprise, this is also a business in the confectionery area that is located in El Tigre state *Anzuátegui *, she proposed us to associate ourselves to be able to distribute our products in her locality, facilitating the tools and the structure to work while we manage to make the enterprise independent there. For this we are raising a capital of $70, which is equivalent to 322 bolívares or 237 Steem, this to cover transportation costs and the purchase of supplies to work in this new location.

As part of this objective, Caterines Oliveros is currently being trained in the management of all our recipes and decoration techniques. She currently holds the position of pastry assistant, but as the leader and owner of the enterprise, when I went to the new location, she would remain in charge of management in our city of origin Bolívar.


Compliance with the third objective

To achieve this goal, we implement multiple forms of payment and the reception of different currencies and cryptocurrencies, allowing customers to have options and convenience when paying. We currently accept bolívares in cash as payment method, transfers to Venezuela, Caroni and Bancaribe banks as well as mobile payments to any of these banks, additionally we also accept cash payment of both bolívares and foreign currency.

As new forms of payment we are first implementing the payment of foreign currency by transfer, we opened foreign currency accounts in the Venezuelan and Bancaribe banks to allow our clients to make direct transfers in foreign currency, we also innovate by accepting payment in the cryptocurrencies of the platform such as the Steem and SBD, these payments will be received momentarily to my personal wallet @kleymer while we open a business account on the platform. The exchange to the value of the local currency will be made through the exchange house


Execution parameters

Within our action plan we have planned to achieve our objectives on tentative scheduled dates, which depending on the execution of each action can be modified and adapted to the convenience of fulfilling the achievements and the financial stability of the enterprise, below our calendar of execution designed on a Grantt diagram:



Financial Analysis and Risk Profile

To carry out this investment plan, the enterprise is aware of the execution risk profile, for which, once the data has been analyzed, we will apply an investment of 80% of the profits and the capital in its execution, keeping the other 20% in liquidity through the Steem cryptocurrency.

Without further ado, we say goodbye happy to participate in this contest and to present our goals for this year 2022 together with our elaborate investment plan, we hope the structure and guidelines that we use in our post will help and guide you.

In this opportunity I invite my friends @yrmaleza @niarvisv and @nane15 to participate by leaving them the contest link here Business Activity || CONTEST - What are your plans to make a profit this year? Prize: 50 STEEM

Business name:Orinoco's Sweet
Owner's name:@kleymer
Business address:Ciudad Bolívar, Bolívar, Venezuela.
About us:Link to presentation

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Hola Gracias por mencionarme en este concurso y te felicito por el avance que tienes en la plataforma tienes muy buenas ideas y sabes cómo organizarlas continúa de esta manera 🙋 saludos por aquí. 📝💐🤝

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Gracias a ti por visitarme y estar siempre pendiente mi querida amiga, un saludo y fuerte abrazo ❤️

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Thanks for the support! @shemul21

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Hello, a very good investment plan in 2022 with a good start-up through mentions, sponsorships and good work practice. Based on the increase and expansion. A business that wants to have branches in different cities of its country, where the interest grows continuously, a good organization of the employees and distribution of work. We hope that everything will be achieved and the monetary income will be great.

Thank you for your participation in the contest. ☑

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 11 months ago 

Thank you very much friend @cindycam for all the support and guidance, I hope to be able to make my contribution to the delegation soon.

Hello friends, you have made an excellent presentation for the contest entry.

Congratulations for that, we are sure that with perseverance and dedication you will not only be able to increase wholesale sales but also have a headquarters with many areas where your clients feel comfortable.

Greetings and good luck in the contest!

 11 months ago 

That's right friend we are working as a team on that and although the goals are high with perseverance we will achieve it, thanks for visiting minpost and for all the support, greetings!

 11 months ago 

Excellent stuff my friend. Very well explained your investment plan.

 11 months ago 

Thank you friend, we are working on everything that allows us to grow as an entrepreneurship, greetings and thanks for reading!

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