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The constant work that we see behind each publication and the dedication of the investors who make life in Business Activity have us, the team, in general, totally satisfied, seeing their progress and effort in highlighting their commercial activities not only to obtain a reward in favor, but to achieve the growth of your business by improving every aspect that characterizes it both in direct labor and in indirect labor.

The processes of production, writing and structures of a good content are the indicated complement to achieve the strengthening of a business, since through this structure it allows you to enhance the reach towards your clients. Teamwork is noticeable when we see that through the content proposed by the moderators and the companies within the community, everyone is successful and we see this reflected in each article they write.

Due to these positive results for all of us, we want to motivate you to continue doing a great job adhering to the internal regulations of Business Activity and the platform in general, in this way you can receive the support you deserve.

Weekly we will be randomly selecting three outstanding investors of the week in different sectors, where the following characteristics of their contents will be evaluated:

  • *
    Article Structure
  • *
  • *
    Photo Quality / Originality
  • *
    Content Focus
  • *
    Support to other investors (Comments)

Your work will be rewarded with 2 Steem each to start and after we see its evolution, the number of weekly Sectors will be increasing.

✔ For this Week the Selected Investors and Sectors were the following.

🔸 Pastry shop.

Business name:usaha rumah tangga (URT)
Owner's name:@riska-amanda
Business address:Aceh-indonesia.


🔸 Construction

Business name:Bengkellas Jaya Indah
Owner's name:@humaidi
Business address:Indonesia


🔸 Distribution and Sale

Business name:Móvil Jajanan Pelabuhan
Owner's name:@walad (Khairul Walad)
Business address:Ciudad de Sabang, Aceh, Indonesia.

Congratulations on being selected as one of the most outstanding investors. We wish your business to continue growing both in content and in commercial activities that include many profits for its breadth and expansion.

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 last year 

Congratulations to all the best businessmen of the week, success and blessings always in their business.

 last year 

Congratulations to the Sectors and Investors that were selected as highlights of the Week, it is a commitment to continue showing their commercial activities.

That's right for your constant effort!

 last year 

Very good sectors that carry out their activity actively.

 last year 

Well deserved places for your constant effort within the community, congratulations!

Committed investors!

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Hello @gensequini my dear friend, thank you for all the support, the beautiful words, and also the reward Insyaallah with this support we will be even more excited both in promoting and in fighting for business

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Congratulations to these great companies, which are increasingly committed to both the community and their business.

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