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Hi community,

Today I want to talk in depth about one of the oldest procedures or treatments in the area of aesthetics that is still in operation and is heard more and more, the famous chemical peeling. but before going into the subject is necessary to know certain terms

first session of chemical peeling to improve oily skin

What is a peeling?

This is known by different names, such as chemo exfoliation, chemo surgery or dermopeeling, is nothing more than the application on the skin of one or more exfoliating agents or mechanical equipment that fulfill the function of removing damaged skin layers in order to regenerate new tissue (new healthy skin) and stimulate the production of collagen and other essential substances.

Collagen: is a protein that gives us our body, generates flexibility and elasticity, that is why it is associated with aging as it is responsible for keeping the skin in place (gives the support it needs) and free of wrinkles or expression lines. After 30`s the body begins to lose the natural production of this substance, with the help of aesthetic treatments we can prevent or delay the loss of collagen and therefore delay the aging that many of us are afraid of.

Benefits of having a peeling:

  • Thickening of the deeper layers of the skin.
  • Stimulate the production of new collagen.
  • Removes bad skin (dead skin, dirt, acne marks, age or sun spots, expression lines, etc).
  • Restores the color, texture and tone lost by the passage of time, sun, snuff, alcohol, stress, among other agents to which we submit our skin and body.

Classification of peeling

You should know that although we will talk about chemical peels, there are two other types: mechanical and physical peels.

-Mechanical peeling: These are those in which an instrument is used to remove the first layers of the skin, in Meraki we have the ultrasonic peeling and we use it in all cleanings to remove comedones and dead skin cells. Another mechanical peeling tool is the microdermabrasion with diamond tip is a machine that "sucks" the skin while gently sanding the surface in order to remove the horny layer of the epidermis (the first layer of the skin).

[Ultrasonic peeling]

-Physical peeling: I think these are the most known by everyone and that most of us use at some time, it is the typical exfoliant that can be found in any drugstore, which has microparticles.

Here I want to clarify a doubt that I have a lot, can I use salt or sugar to exfoliate my face? NO, Why? the skin of our face is delicate, the ideal particles to exfoliate must be completely circular, if we place a granite of sugar or salt in a microscope we will observe that these are not circular, they have points like pieces of glass that damage our skin generating fissures that with the time instead of improving end up deteriorating and making a worse damage to our face.


Physical peeling . Image from:Skincare routine, cosmetics, skin types and more | By MERAKI ESTHETIC SPA

Now if entering the subject, let's talk about the Chemical Peeling

It is a procedure in which we use different chemicals on the skin in order to remove the outer layers of the skin (epidermis and dermis), I must clarify that chemicals have a different level of penetration and depending on which is used more layers of skin will be removed, that is why chemical peels should be performed by professionals in the area, of course there are ideal peeling to use at home in our skincare routines, later I will place some of my favorites.

Classification of chemical peels

Chemical peels are classified in two main groups that in esthetics are abbreviated as BHA (Beta-Hydroxy Acids) and AHA (Alpha-Hydroxy Acids).

BHAs are ideal for acne treatments as they have anti-inflammatory and exfoliating agents, but should be used with caution as they tend to cause hypersensitivity if abused.

The most commonly used are:

  • Salicylic. A
  • Retinoic acid. A
  • Trichloroacetic. A

In this category you can also find citric acid, resorcinol, Golden peel, resorcinol gel, jessner's solution, Baker (a mixture of phenol, water, septisol) but they are less used.

AHAs are a group of natural organic substances, extracted from mixtures of fruit juices, vegetables and dairy products. They contribute to the cellular renewal of our skin.

The most commonly used are:

  • Glycolic. A
  • Lactic. A
  • Pyruvic. A
  • Mandelic. A

But there are also malic and tartaric.

So, if you ever come across these abbreviations or names in any cosmetic you already know that they contain some of these chemicals in their composition.

chemical exfoliator for daily use, it is my favorite so far, use it 2-3 days maximum in your nighttime routine image from: Skincare routine, cosmetics, skin types and more | By MERAKI ESTHETIC SPA

Something important is missing, all these chemical peels have the same function "to eliminate layers of the skin to give rise to new healthier layers", but individually each one has a specific and ideal function for each pathology to be treated, to make it easier for you I will leave a table with the names and functions of the most used acids.

Pathology to treatAcids ideal
A. Retinoic AcidsRetinoic Acid
Oily skin, acne and enlarged poresSalicylic acid, Glycolic acid, Retinoic acid
HyperpigmentationMandelic acid, Retinoic acid
Scars/stretch marksGlycolic acid, Mandelic acid

Remember that your specialist should indicate the ideal acid for you, this is only referential.


Chemical exfoliating scrub for professional use applied in the cabin

What should I know before having a chemical peel treatment?

Before performing these procedures we must make sure that the patient is in conditions to receive it.

  • The patient must suspend any acid that has been included in their routine 5 or 7 days before starting the treatment, this in order to prevent hypersensitivity.
  • Apply moisturizing creams, having a moisturized face is important when performing a peel, as it usually tends to dry the skin more before revealing the new skin.
  • Avoid sun exposure, a patient who is constantly exposed either for work or other reasons to the sun can not receive under any circumstances a treatment with chemicals.
  • Be aware of the proper use of sunscreen every day.

Sunscreens should be applied after finishing the daily skincare routine, should be touched up every 2-3 hours and should be used EVERY DAY, regardless if you do not leave the house or the sun is not shining.

What to do after receiving a chemical peel treatment?


  • Dry the face with towels, friction is the worst post-peel ally, better let the treated area air dry or dry with delicate touches.
  • No heated environments, hot water, ovens, stoves, ovens, or anything else that generates heat, especially AVOID SUN EXPOSURE.
  • Do physical activity for at least 48 hours to avoid perspiration.
  • Attend a consultation for professional observation.


What should I expect post-peel?

You must understand that the chemical peel is a controlled burn, in which, depending on the chemical used, erythema, itching, peeling, sensation of tightness of the skin may occur.

Basically the same symptoms that we feel when we go to the beach and get sunburned (The sun is an uncontrolled peeling, that is why it is so important to avoid it at all costs).

You must keep your skin hydrated and follow your specialist's instructions to the letter to achieve the desired results.

Currently in the skincare market the use of these acids has become fashionable, it is necessary to understand that they are the same but in the salon they are used in higher concentrations. The chart I left at the beginning of this post can help you to get the right acid to include in your routine.


When we combine the treatments performed in the salon with a good skincare routine at home we can achieve better results.

Image from : Let's talk about pores and other "imperfections" | By MERAKI ESTHETIC SPA

Costs of a chemical peel treatment

These types of treatments usually come in packages of 3 sessions, according to the damage of your skin you may need more or less sessions, in case of less we always recommend a cleansing + 1 chemical peel session and in case of less we will adapt a package to your needs.

Before performing any procedure is ideal to have clean skin and perform a facial cleansing first, as in this way the chemical will enter directly to the problem to be treated. Remember, that on a clean canvas the paint will be better than on a canvas with dust.

Deep Facial Cleansing + Chemical Peel$25 SBD 4.14 STEEM 54.19
Chemical Peel - Face (3 sessions)$30 SBD 4.97 STEEM 65.03
Chemical Peel - Back (3 sessions)$50 SBD 8.28 STEEM 108.38
Chemical Peel - other areas (3 sessions)$45 SBD 7.45 STEEM 97.54

I hope this information helps you to understand a little more about this wonderful world, the best thing about working in the skincare world is to help each of my patients with their problems or insecurities.

IMG_7763 (1).JPG

Giving them my support and seeing that they are happy with the results is my greatest gift.

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Hello, thank you for sharing this extraordinary detailed content and of benefit to all those who require a skin care, through your services and advice.

Thanks for the costs, treatments, tips, specifications. All of great benefit, it is essential to stay informed regarding care and needs.

A healthy skin speaks for itself.

We are pleased that you are part of the community, we hope that your next clients can be from the Blockchain.


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thank you @cindycam, it is a pleasure for me to transmit my knowledge as well as to show my progress in my work, I also hope to soon receive patients from this beautiful community.

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Hi @danielacarvajal always happy to read your every commercial a lot we can learn especially in the field of beauty thank you for the details you provide this is very useful for us

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thank you @riska-amanda, it is a pleasure that you are passionate about this area of beauty and skin care.

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Excellent publication and information. Thanks for sharing this with us.

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The first impression a person makes is directly related to the face; that is why we consider it vitally important to take the necessary care to keep it healthy.
Your professionalism shows in every ad you share with us; so I hope to be able to request your services soon.
Success in every job you do. Greetings

Thank you @maurelvys you are right, our face is our letter of introduction, I hope to see you soon.

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