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RE: Meet Up Business Activity - Attended by SBA Team, Business Promoter and Verified Business Members from Indonesia

in Business Activity2 years ago

We are very proud of all of you and your work.

A pleasant environment to talk about steemit, the companies and the tasks to be carried out to promote each business.

We are glad that you are here in the community as part of the project.

Congratulations to all who attended and educated each other accordingly, contributing ideas of notions that are fundamental.


 2 years ago (edited)

For this project, we thank you for inviting me as a special guest.

I was able to attend today and meet the SBA Team from Indonesia, as well as many verified businessmen in this community.

Then I also hope that I will be given the trust and mandate to continue to be a protomor as well as an ambassador in this community representing the country of Indonesia.

we will wait for the planning of the programs and projects assigned to the two Team SBA from Indonesia. And I will assist in implementing the program so that all Business Activity projects can be realized immediately.

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