Meet Up Business Activity - Attended by SBA Team, Business Promoter and Verified Business Members from Indonesia

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On Monday, February 08, 2022, I attended and attended the Meet Up Business Activity meeting, this event was a meeting between The Team SBA, active Steemit user and verified Business members from Indonesia. This activity is organized by the Business Activity community through Team SBA and Business Promoter. There we met fellow Steemit users and verified Business owners. The activity took place in the Culture Caffe and Resto in Lhokseumawe city, Aceh, Indonesia.


This is a Meet up and gathering event as well as a Workshop for Steemit users who are members of the Business Activity community, this is also an educational event in the field of marketing and business that supports the development and growth of Steem values. This event was held at the initiative of Mr. @ponpase, he is the SBA Indonesia Team, as well as the person in charge of this activity. He also acts as a Speaker in the inaugural Meet Up of Business Activity, he has also invited the Country Representative of Indonesia (CR), namely Mr. @radjasalman as a motivator for the Meet Up participants who attended.


As a Business Promoter, I also attended the Meet Up Business Activity, this was the first Meet Up event held in Indonesia. I was entrusted to welcome guests, attendees and invitees who were present and I arrived at the location 15 minutes before the activity took place. Mr. @radjasalman opened the event by explaining the latest information about the Steemit platform, Steem community policies and providing motivation for business people. As the Country Representative for Indonesia, he really inspired the attendees who attended this activity, even providing new insights for those who had just joined the Steem Business Activity community.


Then the presentation was continued by Mr. @ponpase, he gave a special presentation about the Business Activity community. For example, the condition of the Steem Business Activity community, how to join the community and also how to make presentations so that the business they manage is immediately verified. He also gave some examples of verified business publications, such as the business presentation of @pecintabunga20 and @muhajir169 who recently joined Business Activity. It was also attended by verified businessman @lienla who was much more senior than some of the other businessmen who attended.


The condition of the discussion room is very active, there we discuss things that are relatively new among active Steemit users from Indonesia. Here we share experiences and useful information, this is as support to add new insights about business among fellow Steemit users who are present. Here's the full series of events:

  1. Attendance: Steemit account name and List of managed businesses.

  2. Opening and welcoming of Meet Up participants by Country Representatives (CR) and Team SBA Indonesia.

  3. Share updated information about the Steem Business Activity community by @ponpase as Team SBA Indonesia.

  4. Introduction and sharing of Steemit experiences with Meet Up participants and business managers from Indonesia.

  5. Discussion, Q&A about the development of marketing and business in the Steem Business Activity community.

  6. Documentation and photos with Meet Up participants and business people for publications and #Promo-Steem activities.


In attending this first Meet Up, I am very entertained to be able to attend and meet active Steemit users and great businessmen, they are @ponpase @radjasalman @lienla @rasyana @pecintabunga20 @aisyahmychun @rahmatilla @abdrahman08 @guski @nakaru @alvin.steem @muhajir169 @ikmalhariamuna @teukumuhas and several other participants. Most of them are business managers, services and senior Steemit users in Indonesia. However, I am so confident to do #Promo-Steem with the Team SBA Indonesia, we stood in front of many participants who attended the Meet Up Business Activity.


Very proud to be able to gather and be present in the midst of business owners and Steemit users who are active and creative in creating content in the Steem community. Nice to meet and interact in a friendly atmosphere that allows us to get to know each other. We congratulate you on joining the Steem Business Activity community, be a reliable and creative businessman in mastering business marketing.


We are fellow active Steemit users from Indonesia, we are united in the Steem Business Activity community, we contribute and are ready to support the development of any Steem community. Here we want to spread useful information to many people and try to be the best, we continue to learn to be better in the future. We will continue to promote Steem and Steemit, Good intentions are the initial foundation to step in a better direction and achieve success in the future. Greetings to active Steemit users around the world, Greetings Steem Business Activity and Steem On!

Business Activity

Thanks to @steemcurator01

Special Thanks to Steemit Team

CC : @oscarcc89 @cindycam
Official Account : @businessactivity
Team SBA 🇲🇨 : @ponpase @riska-amanda

Welcome to my blog @bangmimi

 2 years ago 

Excellent activity and initiative to meet and learn with active members of steemit in your country. Everything looks like it turned out very well. Greetings from Venezuela.

 2 years ago (edited)

Thank you for your support and motivation, we have carried out activities and embraced more business people from Indonesia.

Greetings also to all your family relatives in Venezuela.

Hello @bangmimi, a pleasure to greet you again.
They have done an extraordinary job for the benefit of all and especially the Steemit platform, Congratulations

Thank you for being an active member of Business Activity.


 2 years ago 

Thanks also to you, we are also happy to be able to interact with you in this community.

Glad to be able to take part in this great activity which has just been held in Indonesia, Thank you for the support and sponsorship from the Business Activity community.

 2 years ago 

We are very proud of all of you and your work.

A pleasant environment to talk about steemit, the companies and the tasks to be carried out to promote each business.

We are glad that you are here in the community as part of the project.

Congratulations to all who attended and educated each other accordingly, contributing ideas of notions that are fundamental.


 2 years ago (edited)

For this project, we thank you for inviting me as a special guest.

I was able to attend today and meet the SBA Team from Indonesia, as well as many verified businessmen in this community.

Then I also hope that I will be given the trust and mandate to continue to be a protomor as well as an ambassador in this community representing the country of Indonesia.

we will wait for the planning of the programs and projects assigned to the two Team SBA from Indonesia. And I will assist in implementing the program so that all Business Activity projects can be realized immediately.

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