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Happy Day Entrepreneurs!🌿💜✨

We are very happy for our business, every day more clients come to request our products, all with different tastes and requests but with a common purpose, Everyone loves Nature and are willing to give a natural touch to their home or as here we call it that special place, that corner where they feel safe and make them feel adolute comfort.

Some clients are willing to pay for a more luxurious product, others are simpler and with simple details they are satisfied, everything goes in the budget that they handle and for that we always give them as a first option the recommendation that if they handle any to spend in the decorative arrangements let us know, so that we can offer you what is right for you.


In the case of sales that we are going to show you below, our client asked us for a decorative arrangement of various plants between cacti and succulents, of a medium size and with a raw pot or rather with a natural finish without any paint.

We did just what was Requested ...

With Natural finishes and a variety of plants we manage to highlight the natural touch and unique characteristics of each species, with decorations and natural finish of decorative stones in diamond and bronze style.

¿What do we achieve with this?

Well, by being able to satisfy the demands of the clients we obtain excellent results, since not only is he pleased but he can recommend us to his friends and family, achieving a benefit for our brand since we will surely have next clients.

¿We offer Delivery?

Yes, as part of our Services depending on the value of the sale we offer a delivery without additional charge as in this case since the sale was $ 50 or 86 Steem managing to cover all expenses and providing us with good profits.



In our business we like to take advantage of each material that we have at the disposal that allows us to transform and reuse pieces that perhaps many are terminated or finished, in this case we provide a second oporetuity to a pot that we had within our nursery.

First of all we manage to find it and select a variety of plants that fit the pot, then proceeded to give a unique touch with part of the piece that had been fractured, we went by placing the plants as a waterfall and we harmonize with decorative stones called egg of pigeons, adding as an end point a plant called lentejita creating a minimalist style as a waterfall.


¿What do we achieve with that kind of action?

We show that in our business we give solutions and second opportunities to materials or inputs that we believe do not serve and transform it by giving it originality and options to our customers.

For us it is a pleasure to be able to give them our business activities, we wish you happy day and success in your business!

Photographs taken with our Redmi Note 10S Cell Phone.


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Some photographs were taken from our official page, you can see them in the following link. 👇

Have More Advice on Our Commercial Profile @Cactusgens

Business name:@Cactusgens
Owner's name:@gensequini
Business address:Barcelona, Anzoátegui, Venezuela.
About us:Link Presentation


 3 years ago 

Congratulations on your window. How good you can provide the delivery service to your customers that is very beneficial for your venture. Greetings

 3 years ago 

Hello @Cactusgens glad to see your business is growing well all the decorations look unique and beautiful thank you for sharing with us a sample delivery to your clients good luck always dear

 3 years ago 

Hello, each more interesting sale sample with the new joys in plants, because plants are joy, enjoyment, peace, love, nature speaks and amazes us.

The presentations in these arrangements and how he uses ingenuity not to waste the pieces is extremely entertaining and motivating, finding possibility in what can be believed for others that no longer works, here you can beautify it.

Thanks for sharing your business activity.

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 3 years ago 

The plants and their arrangements speak of your business. The way their arrangements decorate the spaces we like a lot. Congratulations on this successful sale.

 3 years ago 

Congratulations friend. Congratulations on your sale.

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