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Happy Day Investors!🤝

This year 2022 we want to expand our business not only in the plants that we already have available for our products and not in adding new species to maintain what we have always said that we have a wide variety of products available to our customers.

That is why we have acquired a new specimen thanks to the profits obtained within the Steemit platform and we are very happy that in this article we are going to talk about orchids, which are scientifically known as the family of orchids. orchidaceae are monocotyledonous plants, that is, they have only cotyledons, these are primordial leaves in the germ of the seed or rather the embryo, they are also popularly known by all of us as orchids. This is their common name everywhere and which represents since it is more easy to pronounce and better known than its scientific name.

Here in our nursery we have acquired 3 specimens which we will begin to reproduce to expand our catalog and have variety as we have said to offer these orchids. They are characterized by having colorful flowers, beautiful designs and textures of complex shapes, they also have a very striking reproduction system for bees and fungi and in this way it allows us to reproduce them so they make a stopover we are very happy because we found a supplier close to where we are and regularly he is bringing different types of varieties among which we were able to acquire what we are showing you we are going to Leave below the link of the provider that we got through the Instagram page.

This type of species has the peculiarity of developing worldwide, can adapt to any type of terrain and has extremely striking flowers. That is why we are sure that with the acquisition of this new product we will be able to obtain strategic clients who are lovers not only of plants but also of the exotic nature of this type of species specifically.

How Does This New Acquisition Benefit Us?😊🌺

The market in donoso others we move from the plants tends to be very varied, that is why as investors we must be looking for the ideal strategies that place us in the trend within all the businesses that are operating that handle our same category, that is why when acquiring this type of plant and expand the variety we position ourselves as a trend since we do not only offer cacti plants but we also offer Epiphytic plants this means that they are plants that live and take root on trees this type of plant does not damage the tree in which it is found rather, it entangles itself between the trunks and in this way allows another type of plant that adapts to this lifestyle to survive in extreme conditions or difficult aerial conditions.

This way or this lifestyle that orchids have is usually very attractive since they are plants that grow on top of another vegetable or other object using only the trunk as support, which allows them to feed and not damage it, many times they call it as if they were parasites but in this case it does not harm it, it is as if it has a relationship to keep itself protected and take care of itself and reproduce in a healthy way.

¿Are These Plants Usually Expensive?😊🌺

The cost of this plant varies depending on the species and the exotic nature of its flowers. The price of the final product is relatively high. These three specimens that we were able to acquire, their price varies between approximately 15 and $20, that is, by placing a 30% profit on it, we can obtain good benefits when selling this type of products for our business.// 60 STEEM

Today as an investor we do not feel extremely excited because we are sure that with the entry of this new product to our catalog the variety and profits will increase.👏

From the Cactusgens Nursery we wish you a Happy and Blessed Day and that your Business is Prosperous.

Photographs taken with our Redmi Note 10S Cell Phone.


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Some photographs were taken from our official page, you can see them in the following link. 👇

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 2 years ago 

@cactusgens , It is important to increase the acquisition of new copies for your business, which made it increasingly attractive to customers.

The variety can be that push so that customers can choose several plants at the same time and why not? carry all species..

The care is important and we are sure that the reproduction of the plants will be successful.

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 2 years ago 

Hola @cactusgens! Que bueno hayas adquirido tres ejemplares de esas exóticas orquídeas para ampliar tu catálogo de ventas , deseo que la reproducción de estás sea todo un éxito. 🤩🌹💮🥀🌷

 2 years ago 

Hello @cactusgens, Beautiful flowers and neatly arranged, congratulations on your success or your business, ma'am. We hope that your business will grow and be more enthusiastic in conducting business activities in your country. Stay with us and Blessings!

 2 years ago 

Hello @gensequini many new species that you show with several choices, aren't there orchids among them? I like the flowers look beautiful when they bloom.

Thank you for showing us the most beautiful things in your business greetings my friend.

 2 years ago 

Congratulations on your new acquisition... They will surely bear much fruit later on.

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