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In our business we have been studying for time how we can achieve more profit through the sale of our products, what aspect we can achieve to enhance so that each area of ​​our business is profitable.

Although it is true that when we are producers, the profits from our sales are relatively higher because we do not have any type of intermediaries, and when we refer to this it is the nursery as such, it is a point in our favor since by allowing us to cultivate our own plants lower intermediary costs and possible shipping costs if purchases are made in different parts of the country.

That is why today we want to detail some important aspects that we take into account in order to generate more profits with the sales of Cactusgens products, we carry out as always to the customer's liking and with first class finishes.

How Do We Make More Profits in Our Business?

First Point in Favor:
We are Producers, this is our main aspect in favor since we have a small nursery where we manage to reproduce the plants according to the species and size, among which several cacti and succulents.

Second Point in Favor:
We work with recycling material, several of the containers we use are ecological disposable containers that are reusable and in this way we reduce the expenses of buying new pots every time we want to propagate the plants.

Third Point in Favor:
We carry out the shipments personally. Without a doubt, there are currently many parcel agencies in the area, but on our own we decided to reduce that service for a second hand, so we offer them ourselves and we always try to include the cost in the final product in a way that that it looks more like a complete service and not an additional one, the client will always look for ways to save and we offer the complete package.

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Fourth Point in Favor:
Direct labor is on our own, we currently do not have attached workers, our business for this time has remained very stable with two active people, we delegate functions and we have always complied with our clients, we are sure that in the future not very far be an exponential growth and there if things would change, but for the growth of now we are fine.


Fifth Point in Favor:
Our Profits are increasing, due to the points highlighted above we can be sure that our profits are 50% since we reduce expenses and try as much as possible to find suppliers close to our business, and we are always in constant search of material of inventory where we pay and maintain quality.

This dear investors are some of the important aspects that we can show you today, where we are sure that if you apply it in your business your profits will be greater, we are delighted with this new phase within the community where we can motivate and encourage other investors with our business strategies.

From the Cactusgens Nursery we wish you a Happy and Blessed Day and that your Business is Prosperous.

Photographs taken with our Redmi Note 10S Cell Phone.


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Owner's name:@gensequini
Business address:Barcelona, Anzoátegui, Venezuela.
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Muy interesante parte de la estructura de.coatos de tu emprendimiento, gracias por compartir, bendiciones.

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Hola! Gracias por compartir estos 5 puntos, que nos ayudan a minizar los gastos de nuestros negocios, muy bueno e interesantes. Saludos.

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Hello @gensequini how beautiful all the decorations you have shown we are glad you pointed out some important points in managing the business so that it goes better we believe success will always be achieved with hard work.

thank you for being committed and being an active member in the community, your presence is an honor for us greetings

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