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RE: open letter both to steem/hive:Bridge is bridge, road is road!

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When steem forked into hive. My steem account was transferred to the hive chain. A " snapshot" was taken of my account. After the snapshot the hive tokens became my "legal property" . Hive witnesses then remove my legal property from my hive account. This is a tradeable asset that belongs to me. This act is criminal . Bridge to Bridge would be to return my assets to my hive account.


MY account has low ratings because I disagreed with the freezing of justins account. I will always disagree with the freezing of anyones account.

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dont let your enemy decide you opt

yes, your HIVE is yours asset! I agree with you

Take that up with the HIVE team. But no, when a new chain is created, there is no inherent right to the forked tokens. This is nothing like the STINC censorship and theft situation.

You're not paying attention to what he said. He is technically correct. The moment the blockchain comes into existence, IF the tokens were in his account once live and then they get relocated it would be just as much "theft" as anything else.

If any of it is theft then what makes the difference is sequence. In the very second of the blockchain's existence were the tokens attributed to an account name and then relocated or not? That is what matters.

However, the Hive founder Blocktrades clearly pointed out that he believes Justin and Steem witnesses were well within their legal rights to fork the coins out.

Here is proof: